What makes using WhatsApp chatbot advantageous for a logistics company?

What makes using WhatsApp chatbot advantageous for a logistics company?

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Successfully managing and delivering on customer expectations often poses a huge challenge for modern logistics companies. To lighten the load, it can be a smart move to use WhatsApp Business to automatically deliver personalized messages in conjunction with a chatbot. The customer service departments of logistics companies have to deal with a daily stream of highly repetitive queries about deliveries, complaints, rescheduling, and more. All together these queries can put a huge burden on the customer service department of the company. Deploying WhatsApp chabots can be helpful in solving this problem by providing automated, personalized responses to the customers, while freeing up the human agents from such monotonous 'busywork'.

To benefits of using WhatsApp chatbot for a logistics company are:

• Assistance: The demand for 24/7 customer assistance and self-service has considerably gone up in the marketplace, as these forms of support do not require the customers to spend their time and money on talking with customer service agents over a call. WhatsApp bots can act as virtual assistance, and promptly answer customer queries and concerns, no matter whether they are related to order tracking or raising a complaint. On-the-spot assistance in regard to troubleshooting issues can also be delivered via the bot.

• Operational usage: Logistics companies can use WhatsApp chatbots for lead generation, lead qualification, as well as two-way messaging. The messaging platform can also be useful in monitoring feedback and CSAT.

Using WhatsApp for customer communication can significantly increase customer satisfaction and retention rates for logistics companies, as a large group of modern customers would be more open to interacting with a brand via the messaging platforms they know and trust. WhatsApp essentially is the most widely used messaging app in the world. Chatbots can be deployed via this platform by using WhatsApp API.