Understanding The Much-Overlooked Reasons For Flat Tyres

Understanding The Much-Overlooked Reasons For Flat Tyres

If you are on a solo trip and you find yourself with flat tyres, that will be the end of your lovely trip.

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If you are on a solo trip and you find yourself with flat tyres, that will be the end of your lovely trip. Therefore, you should handle your car tyres cautiously to avoid such mishappenings in the future. Here are certain things that you should know that cause flat tyres in most cases.

Tyre Getting Pierced With Sharp Objects

This is the most common reason for a flat tyre. Tyre gets punctured because sharp objects like nails or glass get into the tyre surface. It often happens while driving on rough terrains. Moreover, you should avoid driving rashly on uneven surfaces as your Hankook Tyres Peterborough may accidentally hit any sharp object and may end up with a blowout.

While driving, ensure that you do not go off-road very often and do not park your car near the garbage. It is more likely that broken glass or nails are in the garbage waiting to destroy your car tyres.

Uneven Roads

Nobody wants to have obstacles on their way. But imagine if you drive into a pothole and you get a flat tyre. What would you do? Isn't it annoying? Therefore, it is important to drive carefully while you are on uneven roads to prevent getting flat tyres.

You should always drive at slow speed so that if any potholes or broken road comes in your way, you can react quickly and save your tyre. However, driving safely on good roads is still the best protection against flat tyres.

Wear And Tear

A worn off tyre has a high chance of getting a puncture. Therefore, You must ensure that your tyres do not have any substantial wear or tear on them. Tyre’s tread is very important as it maintains grip on the road and provides better handling.

Once your tyre’s tread wears down, it can cause huge damage to your car, such as tyres may get punctured very soon. Therefore, it is very necessary for you to keep a regular check on your tyre’s tread

Not Having Proper Air Pressure

Flat tyres usually happen due to less air pressure in tyres. To avoid getting your tyres flat, you must ensure that your car tyres are properly inflated. Therefore, you should make a habit of checking the air pressure level of your tyres on a regular basis.

If you do not know how to check the pressure of your tyres, then simply buy a tyre pressure gauge. A pressure gauge helps you to check the air pressure in your tyres conveniently.

Tyre Bead Leaks

You must have seen beads, which are at the edge of the tyre’s rim. And sometimes air in your tyres leaks through these beads, resulting in flat tyres.

You detect bead leaks by using a soap and water mixture. Spray the mixture on your car’s wheel and valve system. If you notice tiny bubbles sporting out of the tyre’s surface, then it is the sign of bead leaks.


You must have noticed why tyres get flat during summer more often. It is not because of any tread wear or uneven surfaces, but because of the excessive heat.

When the temperature of your tyre increases, the air inside it expands, and this causes the internal pressure level of your tyre to increase. And thus, the risk of leaks and punctures increases. That’s why it is important to check the pressure level in your Tyres Peterborough beforehand.

Now that you have understood all the main reasons behind flat tyres, you should avoid them. So you need to take care of your car tyre like a responsible person and get your tyres checked at regular intervals. If you want to know more about car tyres, you can get in touch with ACE Tyres.