Drone Technology - How It’s Revolutionizing Real Estate Industry

Drone Technology - How It’s Revolutionizing Real Estate Industry

A short guide that explains how drone technology beneficial for real estate industry.

Technology has revolutionized almost every industry and real estate has not been an exception. The online web presentation of a home has become as essential an element as of a physical staging of a home. Visual representation of houses in the form of pictures and videos are indispensable components of the real estate market. Professional photographs with the technology and craft to give unique and multiple perspectives of houses are immensely appreciated and drone photography does just this.

Here are three reasons how drone photography is revolutionizing the real estate market.

#1 Unique and Dynamic Visuals

The technology of drones has opened new depths of photography and videography which has benefitted both home sellers and buyers. Using drone photography, home sellers can capture images and videos from desired angles and height that highlights the unique elements of rooms and spaces. Home buyers benefit from this feature by accessing indepth and multiple perspectives of the house they are considering, allowing for a better decision making.

#2 Better Accuracy and Representation

The versatility of unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV) allows photographers to capture real estate drone videography and imagery of homes accurately. Home buyers benefit from this accurate representation because it helps them to have a better judgment and perspective of houses while they narrow down their options. A lot of decision making for these options can be made based on the visual contents before interested buyers decide to proceed with other processes like staging which requires the involvement of other parties.

#3 Highlight Other Features

Professional real estate photographers do excellent work of producing appealing and attractive images of houses. But these do not even come close to the majesticity of images and videos captured by drones from a bird’s eye view. There are certain elements of houses like gardens, patio, pool and others that do not pop up or look as remarkable as they are in real life when captured in normal photos and videos. Aerial shots of these tell an entirely different story where they stand out and look remarkably beautiful.


Drone photography brings additional depth and new perspectives to elements of houses that is not quite achievable by regular manual photography. If you’re a home seller looking for a real estate drone photographer, ABB Visuals are professionals who can get you the right service. They expertise in drone photography equipped with the best tools for producing high definition images and videos of areas indoors and outdoors. Contact them to get the best visual representation of your house that will convince and capture the attention of interested buyers.

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