Decoding the Marketing Automation Myths Once and for All

Decoding the Marketing Automation Myths Once and for All

A lot of troubles faced by the marketers and the business they’re working for can be easily solved by marketing automation. However, the shore doesn’t seem near for the marketers. Unfortunately, it is happening because of some myths and misconceptions that are preventing decision-makers from investing in emerging automation technology. Whenever someone comes up with an idea to make work more seamless and efficient, another person just denies it because of misbelief like slow funnel flow, decreasing sales, lackluster revenue, etc.

And the bad news is things are going from worse to severe, which is never best for the business. Still, we are going to do our best and take the charge in our hands to be the myth busters of Marketing Automation. But before debunking these myths we want to share some genuine things that automation in marketing does for us.

Actual things and benefits Marketing Automation provides

  • The first and the most obvious reason is it almost removes the reductant and repetitive tasks from your day-to-day workflow. This makes you more productive and efficient.
  • Marketing automation also significantly improves the digital infrastructure which provides a wide window for marketers to understand and interact with the buyers. This means you can have a personalized and holistic view of the customer cycle.
  • The reporting that you get via automation is unparalleled and the insights are never seen before. It helps in detecting and diagnosing the root problem of companies.
  • Think of automation as an investment. If you integrate it into your business then you will definitely see sales and revenue growth.

Even after these compelling advantages, businesses are sluggish to adopt the technology. The reasons are it’s too expensive and complex to understand, the learning curve is too lean, it kills creativity, etc.

Top Marketing Automation Myths and Misconceptions

  • Too expensive for small businesses

Bygone are those days when only large enterprises used to have big toys to play with. Now the technology has evolved much more and is affordable for every business. This is the era for the MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium-sized businesses), start-ups are now taking over the world.

The companies that develop marketing automation technology are more focused on the small businesses and especially building their platform by keeping MSME in center stage. The subscription-based and the user-based pricing model is a huge example of that.

  • Wipes out creativity and makes work monotonous

Marketing automation may sound like a factory operated by robots with the same work performing again and again, but let us tell you it’s not that. Why don’t we understand with an example? Suppose you’re a marketer and you know nothing about graphic design or coding it means you cannot create an interactive email template. Instead, you decide to send a simple text email. But if you have a marketing automation tool then you can use the pre-built customizable temple with drag and drop functionality and create a template on your own.

By no means it is squashing your creativity, as a matter of fact, it is allowing you to be more creative. Another benefit is that you’ll be saving a lot of time, resources, and money without compromising the quality of your output.

The Bottom Line

Last, we just like to add marketing automation is not just only about lead management anymore. You can do a lot of other things as well. These tools can get handy in the entire lifecycle of the customer.