Do’s and Don'ts of Using Your Air Conditioner

 Do’s and Don'ts of Using Your Air Conditioner

If you want to take maximum benefit from your air conditioner and use it more efficiently, you need to follow some of the tips mentioned in this article.

If you do what’s right and don’t do that can cost you money, you can get the best of your air conditioner.

Don’t cool your surroundings

You might not realize what level of social welfare you are doing by letting your air conditioner’s cold air outside your home as well. If you let the cold air sneak out of your home, you are maximizing your energy consumption, and your bills will skyrocket. Your air conditioner is meant to cool your house, and you pay the energy bills only for the energy you use in your house, not for the neighborhood. For avoiding this, you need to make sure that the windows, doors, blinds, and all other openings are properly closed and sealed while using the air conditioner.

Do upgrade your air conditioner

If you want to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner, you need to upgrade the Air conditioner or thermostat. If you replace your old thermostat with a smart thermostat, your air conditioner’s efficiency will increase. It helps the air conditioner to regulate the temperature of the room, on the basis of when cooling is needed and when you are not at home and don’t need your air conditioner to cool your house. In this way, the air conditioner does not remain on when you don’t need it. It results in cost savings and the energy bill can be reduced.

Don’t put the thermostat on the hottest wall

Make sure you don’t place the smart thermostat of your air conditioner on the wall that’s the hottest. The wall that’s facing the sun, for example, will be the hottest one and will give the maximum temperature reading. Based on this false reading, the air conditioner will keep itself on even when the room temperature is lower actually and doesn’t need air conditioning. It will increase the cost of your energy bills.

Do close your blinds and windows

Ensuring that your house windows and blinds are closed especially during the daytime, saves you some serious money. It will stop leakage of your cool air from inside to outside of your house. Your house will retain the cold air and can help you save some money on your energy bill. You need to make sure that there isn’t any leakage of the cold air. It keeps the temperature lower and less will be the need to keep the air conditioner on.

Don’t switch off your fan

You don’t need to switch off your fan when you have turned on your air conditioner. Your ceiling fan can make you feel cooler than it actually is in the room. It makes you switch off your air conditioner sooner. It will result in cost savings and will increase your air conditioner’s efficiency. You will need to switch on your air conditioner less and the cool air will circulate throughout your room for a longer period due to the ceiling fan.

Do switch off your air conditioner when you aren’t home

You must make sure to switch off your air conditioner when you are leaving home. It’s a misconception that keeping the air conditioner on when you are away, will prevent it from working harder to cool your home again from scratch. It will cost you more as your air conditioner is still on when you don’t need it at all.

You don’t need to be afraid of summers and the consequent skyrocketing energy bills. You only have to be a little smart while dealing with your air conditioner.