Car Detailing And Washing Tips To Keep Your Vehicle New

Car Detailing And Washing Tips To Keep Your Vehicle New

The article provides a few tips and ideas to help you keep your car looking new without destroying its paint or any sensitive interior parts.

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Every driver wants to be the one, who leaves nothing when it comes to their vehicle. You schedule routine maintenance and take in professional help as soon as you feel something is wrong. Unfortunately, all these are far from reality, the truth is vehicles are neglected all the time.

Professional car care, may it be regular maintenance services, professional repairs, or professional cleaning inside out of the car, is the best care you can provide for your car. But this does not imply that you can not show some love to your vehicle on your own.

For those times when you want to treat your car on your own, or between the maintenance and repair activities, here are a few tips and ideas to help you keep your car looking new without destroying its paint or any sensitive interior parts.

Clean With Car Wash Soap

The best cleaning your car can get is by hand washing with high-quality wash-off car soap. Unfortunately, this is only the case if it is done properly, which most drivers do not. When this simple car washing process is not performed properly, it can cause significant damage to your car.

The optimal car washing time is once a week. Most car owners use a soft cloth, soft foam brush, and fresh or recycled water to remove the dirt and contaminants.

Use a designated car wash soap and use a multi-bucket approach instead of using a single bucket and use the same dirty water again and again.

Start From The Top And Work Down

Apart from using the wrong soap or chemicals to wash the car, another mistake people make is cleaning at random or worst areas at the start. But the professionals always start from the top and move to the bottom.

When starting from the top, you are using gravity for your use. By doing this you are not reintroducing the dirt to the surface you have already cleaned.

It’s good to begin rinsing the vehicle from the top; the roof, glass, hood, trunk lid, and so on. Rinse all the loose debris and mud down the way. Once this is done, start washing the sudsy mutt on the roof and rinse, then wash the side glass, continue washing top to bottom throughout the vehicle. Wash smaller portions at a time so the soap will not dry on the surface.

Treat The Tar

Sometimes you see contaminants on the car that cannot be removed using normal car wash soap. This is where you feel the importance of professional washing services. They used different car wash chemicals for cleaning different contaminants. The water-soluble contaminants wash away with water. Otherwise, some need petroleum-based or anti-grease remover. Bug residue is cleaned with another chemical.


First, ensure your car has been cleaned with water and soap and has identified other contaminants, then it is necessary to clean the contaminant using the correct remover or cleaner, and possibly rewash the area.

Lubricate The Latches And Hinges

One maintenance that many drivers never consider, until their hood does not open, is the hood latch. Keep the latch clean and lubricate so often with some 3 in 1 oil lubricant or other protectants. This will keep it working like a new one.

The pivot points, door hinges, hood hinges are not always in sight, but if you can reach them, a slight spray of white lithium once in a while will keep them from seizing. Take care of the keyholes, lock cylinders, and keep them clean and lubricated.

Apply Wax And Sealant

After washing, applying wax and sealant can add an extremely visually appealing touch to your car. However, if you do it carelessly it can leave scratches and marks on the car coat.

You can do it professionally and use carbonara wax or a synthetic sealant to gain desirable results and avoid damages.