Buy and use the best tensile tester

Buy and use the best tensile tester
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A Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is used to test the mechanical properties (tension, compression, etc.) of a given test sample by applying tensile, compressive

What is a Tensile Tester / UTM Machine?

A Tensile tester, also known as a pool tester or Universal Testing Machine (UTM), is an electromechanical test system that applies a component a tensile force (pool force) that determines its strength and deformation behavior until break. A Universal Testing Machine (UTM), also known as Universal Tester, Material Testing Machine or Material Test Frame, is used to test tensile strength and compressive strength of materials. The previous name of tensile testing machine is tensometer.

A Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is used to test the mechanical properties (tension, compression, etc.) of a given test sample by applying tensile, compressive or transverse stress. The machine is named because it can perform on a wide variety of materials due to extensive testing

Tensile Tester, also known as Tensile Testing Machine, is designed to test a wide range of materials including fabric, leather, plastic, paper, etc. Tension, Compression, Flexor, Tear, Shear, Tear, Long, Constant Load, Elastic, Thread , Peeling and other mechanical properties. Extension testers comply with ISO 13934.1 / 2, ISO 13935.1 / 2, ISO 9073.3 / 4, etc.

What is tensile testing used for and how does it work?

Tensile testing is a destructive testing process that provides information about tensile strength, yield strength, and flexibility of metals. It measures the strength required to break a compound or plastic sample and measures how long that sample extends to the breaking point. In a typical tensile test, a sample is usually drawn at its breaking point to determine the final tensile strength of the material. The amount of ball applied to the sample (F) and the magnification of the sample (∆L) are measured during the test.

A Tensile Tester Capacity (Test Load)

Testex offers two different types of Tensile tester. One is the tensile tester TF001 with single column. The other is the Tensile Tester TF002 with single and dual column frames including 250kgf, 500kgf, 1000kgf, 3000kgf (500lbf, 1000lbf, 2000lbf, 6,000lbf) and two model types, the load capacity of the tensile testing machine depends on different load cells Drive capacity, and so on.

Tensile strength, the maximum load that a material can support without cracking when stretched, is divided by the core cross-sectional area of the material.

The most common tests on plastics with UTM are tensile strength and modulus and flexible strength and modulus. All tests are performed in accordance with specific ASTM and / or ISO standards.

An axial load is applied to the material to be tested during the tensile test and the load is applied axially to the body for testing.

How do you test tensile strength at home?


• Tie a short length of your test material in a secure knot around the spring scale hook.

• Secure the top of the spring scale to something fixed, such as a table or wall.

• Pull the test component until it breaks

• Record the strength measured by the spring scale just before breaking the test material.

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