Just Do It!

Just Do It!

Isn't it wild that we're already half way through 2018? Did you meet the goals and resolutions that you set for yourself at the beginning of the year?!

Why is that?

Ever wonder why you set goals at the beginning of the year and find that only a few months into the year you seem to forget about the gym and your health goals? Why is that?

Did you know that our decision making is done from our conscious mind? Our conscious mind uses about 10% of our brain while the other 90% of our decisions come from our unconscious mind – the one that keeps defaulting back to our comfort zone - .the part that starts to sabotage goals and intentions.

We have great intentions, we set goals, we say we are going to do it, well that 10% of your brain says all these things; and then….the other 90% kicks in and tells you that you’re too tired to get off the coach, it’s too hot, your too busy, and on and on...

Don’t Beat Yourself up!

Be Aware that relying on your conscious sets you up for failure right out of the ring. Make it a habit, a priority, a necessity, because by getting to the gym you are going to:

  • Feel Better,
  • Be healthier
  • Live Longer
  • Reach your Goals and
  • Feel proud of your accomplishments.

AND you will socialize with other people who probably went through the same thing you did, got there, and now you can celebrate together your success.

Put the Gym on your daily TO DO List as a priority and when you see it there STOP get out of your head (10%) and into your heart (90%) and JUST DO IT!

9Round Gym Burlington

Stop thinking and just DO IT!

Our cardio and resistance training, for a complete full-body workout, is only 30 minutes.

9Round Burlington

Have you ever noticed that in the time we spend coming up with all the reasons NOT to get out and get going, we could have already been to the gym, done our workout, feel better, and be more energized…..

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