Eating Right Shouldn't Be So D@*# Complicated

Eating Right Shouldn't Be So D@*# Complicated

The overwhelming amount and diversity of unhealthy foods available in the market and lack of information about good nutrition is very confusing.

Most of us are aware by now that nutrition plays an important role in our weight management and overall health. Yet, despite this fact, we oftentimes find it hard to eat right. The overwhelming amount and diversity of unhealthy foods that are available on the market, as well as the lack of proper and easily accessible information about good nutrition, definitely adds to the problem.

For 9Round Fitness Burlington owners, Shannon and her husband Bill, it all started some six years ago. They both had a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle and in November 2017, decided to open a 9Round franchise, bringing their knowledge and enthusiasm about fitness, exercise, and nutrition to all those interested.

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Since then, they've developed  a fun space that has pretty much everything. Their objective was, and still is, to help others reach their own goals in an environment that promotes friendship, one-on-one cooperation, and building personal connections. Besides their fast, fun, and effective trainer-guided, full-body and kickboxing workouts, 9Round is also host to all sorts of social events and night outs. The idea is to create a community that shares the same interests and has fun together.

And because they know just how important nutrition is, 9Round also offers expert nutritional guidance that's based on the latest exercise and nutritional science. In short, 9Round Nutrition is all about eating the right foods at the right time and in the right amounts. They are fully aware that changing one's body composition takes patience and consistency. When it comes to losing weight, the cold hard truth is that only 20 percent is accounted by fitness and exercise, while the rest is all food.

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A nutrition program easy to understand

Their personalized nutrition program will help you measure how many calories your body needs, how to control your cravings, and how to control your hunger and blood sugar levels. It also places a special emphasis on the importance of rest, recovery, and the daily water intake, as these are equally as important as proper nutrition and exercise.

Following their advice, you will be able to lose fat in all those troubled areas, maintain an optimal body weight and strengthen your entire body in the process. In the end, a healthy nutrition should never be seen as a diet or temporary thing but more of a lifestyle that helps you enjoy the all-day energy and mental clarity that comes with it.

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