Debunking UV Water Disinfection Myths

Debunking UV Water Disinfection Myths

Everyone can benefit from UV disinfection, from your homes, cottages, schools, healthcare facilities, to public buildings, resorts and more.

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There are many myths about the importance and value of UV Water Disinfection and we want to debunk some of them here:

Myth #1 - Nobody needs disinfection.

• If the water looks and tastes good, it doesn’t need to be disinfected.

• City water is fine, they treat the water.


You can’t see, smell, or taste microbes in water. Just because the water’s crystal clear and tastes great, doesn’t mean it isn’t contaminated. Some bacteria that can be found in water may not make an average, healthy adult sick. But when ingested by children, the elderly, or someone with a compromised immune system, those same bacteria can cause extreme – even life-threatening – illness.

Most city water treatment plants do an excellent job of disinfecting drinking water. When it poses a problem, is when the water leaves the plant. Most waterborne diseases are the result of aging underground pipes that deliver water to the homes and buildings. Water breaks can happen every two minutes and it takes time to repair all the damages from broken infrastructures.

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Myth #2 - All disinfection technologies will do the trick.

• All disinfections technologies are the same.


That is like comparing apples to oranges. The goal for all disinfection technologies is the same, however; achieving that goal includes many factors. There are different processes, chemical or physical. The disinfection may be immediate or the water may need contact time to be effective. You need to know what each technology disinfects and protects against and whether it is temporary or continuous.

Having a conversation with a specialist can get all your questions answered. The staff at 5 Star Water Solutions would be happy to assist.

Myth #3 - UV disinfection isn’t the right fit.


UV disinfection is a relatively new concept to most people, even though it’s been around just as long as chlorine. It may seem complicated. The truth is it’s an excellent disinfection option for most drinking water situations.

The story of UV Water Treatments

The Story of UV

5 Star Water Solutions would be happy to offer you a Free Water Analysis and discuss UV Disinfection in detail to assure all your questions are answered.

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