Signs You're Not Drinking Enough Water - Part 2!

Signs You're Not Drinking Enough Water - Part 2!

We hear it all day, every day: most of us are not drinking enough water! Here is part two of our three part series about signs you're not drinking enough water!

We all know we need to drink water - and plenty of it - but for one reason or another, we often fail to make it a priority. And as a result, we will likely begin to notice changes in our own well-being. To read Part 1, click here.

Signs You're Not Drinking Enough Water!

You're gaining weight

Believe it or not, an expanding waistline can be a sign that you aren't drinking enough water. Studies have shown that drinking as little as 500ml (about 17 ounces) of water can boost your metabolism by up to 30%!

It's not surprising that many health and wellness experts include an increase in water consumption among their tips for losing and maintaining weight.

Signs You're Not Drinking Enough Water - Part 2!

Along those same lines, experts believe that even mild dehydration can send mixed signals to the brain and make you think you are hungry when what you really need is some water. Drinking one to two glasses before mealtime can fill you up and prevent you from eating when your body just needs more hydration.

You're coping with constipation

This might be a little TMI, but if you're having a hard time going to the bathroom, you just might need to increase your water intake. Biologically speaking, your body needs fluids in order to pass waste through your digestive tract, so if you haven't had enough to drink, things are going to get a little backed up. In fact, dehydration is a leading cause of chronic constipation!

Signs You're Not Drinking Enough Water - Part 2!

The best thing you can do is get into the habit of drinking plenty of water throughout the day to prevent digestive woes. After you've increased your intake, you should notice an improvement in your bathroom activities. If not, check with your medical professional just in case something else is going on.

You've had a urinary tract infection

Anyone who has ever had a urinary tract infection will probably say that it was one of the most uncomfortable, unpleasant experiences in their life. UTIs are caused by a variety of factors - but often arise after bacteria has entered into our bodies.

Signs You're Not Drinking Enough Water - Part 2!

One other major cause of urinary tract infections is dehydration. Drinking water helps to flush bacteria from our bladders, thus preventing infection from setting in. Some warning signs that our water intake is too low include dark colored urine or a decreased need to urinate at all. Of course, if it feels like you've got an infection, see a medical professional and drink plenty of water.

Remember, if you feel thirsty, you're probably already mildly dehydrated. If your mouth feels parched, guzzle a cup or two to get back on track!

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