The Top Three Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water

The Top Three Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water

Lead, nitrates, MTBE , VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds e.g. gasoline, styrene, formaldehyde.), chlorine...all removable with reverse osmosis!

Osmosis is a naturally occurring event and one of the most important processes in nature. This process consists of a weak saline solution migrating towards a stronger saline solution - for example, when the roots of a plant absorb water from soil, or when our kidneys absorb water from our blood.

When osmosis happens in our water systems, tiny particles ‘attach’ themselves to the water - which is perfectly normal, but that still doesn’t mean you want to be drinking them! Below we look at the top three benefits of reverse osmosis water.

1) Removal of dissolved solids

During the reverse osmosis process, the water is pushed through a semipermeable membrane, eliminating the unwanted dissolved solids that are in your drinking water. These solids can be anything from salt, organic materials, and bacteria and pyrogens.

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Is there bacteria in your drinking water?

2) Clean, safe, and healthy drinking water

Reverse osmosis water eliminates all the stuff you don’t want in your drinking water - without adding anything else (like some other water treatment systems). By using a natural process to remove unwanted particles, you get clean and safe drinking water without worrying about what else you and your family are consuming.

3) Better tasting coffee, Tea, and juices!

Since we’ve removed all the dissolved materials and organic particles, you are ONLY drinking water - which means your water will taste incredibly crisp and fresh, making your tea, coffee, and juices taste even better too!

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That morning coffee will taste even better with reverse osmosis water!

Reverse Osmosis Systems are easily installed to most existing water systems, and don’t rely on electricity - so they won’t turn off if your power goes out!

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