Your Source For Tiffany Sunglasses

Your Source For Tiffany Sunglasses

Why Tiffany? Not only are Tiffany Sunglasses fashion forward, but they have the technology to back them up.

Tiffany sunglasses are exclusively designer glasses that are stunningly beautiful & brilliantly crafted. Not just for the celebrities in Hollywood, Tiffany also represents and elite crafted product.

Return To Tiffany Collection

Inspired by the classic key ring from 1969, the Return to Tiffany collection is a classic reinvented. Here, the acetate frames contrast with a stunning heart accent.

Colours:  Blue and iridescent Tiffany Blue acetate

Gradient gray lenses

Silver-colored metal accents

100% UV protection and anti-glare coating

tiffany, round, sunglasses

Tiffany Round Sunglasses

Tiffany Cobblestone

In black and Tiffany Blue acetate and silver-colored metal with crystal accents and gradient Tiffany Blue lenses. 100% UV protection and anti-glare coating.

tiffany, sunglasses, cobblestone

Tiffany Cobblestone at the Vision Clinic Burlington

What makes them so classy?

  • Tiffany sunglasses provide 100% UV light protection and contain an anti-glare protection
  • The glasses have anti scratch coating & the optical clarity is higher. The higher price of the glasses, the greater number of coatings they are likely to have. Some have anti fogging coating, for humid weathers.
  • Polarization technology, gives a higher level of optical clarity for these sunglasses, which outshines the other glasses.
  • The frames are beautifully designed & the material used for making the frames are 100% quality rich, making them resistant against the usual wear & tear.
  • Most of us have an issue with the light reflecting the sunglasses on the outside. These pair of Tiffany sunglasses come with anti mirror coating that reduces the glare that hit the sunglasses, making the objects appear darker than they are!
  • Photochromic Glasses: They are crafted elegantly in a way that the lenses get darker on the bright days & lighter on dark days. This adjustment of the glass automatically according to the light intensity on the outside is a win-win situation

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