Tune-ups and Wheel care for Bikes

Tune-ups and Wheel care for Bikes

Wheels are the most important part of the bike, it is the only contact that you have with the ground. To keep rolling, you've got to get your wheels checked.

The tire is the most important part of the bike, it is the only contact that you have with the ground.

The tire must be in good shape . If it is too dry or old and has cracks in the rubber, it is not too safe, and could cause problems. The rim must also run true, or straight without a wobble or a high spot that we call a up and down.

All rims are different.  There are single wall, double wall, pinned,welded, etc etc.

Double wall with eyelets are some of the strongest  .The spokes are important also, a good quality spoke would consist of stainless steel material. there are wheels for 140-160 lbs riders, and there are some for 200 lbs +.

The hubs are the other important part, it must run free. The preload on the bearings, the cone adjustment the type of bearings and even the grease, matter how the wheel spins freely with little resistance. A grade 25 bearing is of high quality.

There are low carbon balls and there are stainless steel or even chrome balls. They make a huge difference how long the wheel spins without too much resistance. The wheel should not go from side to side as you peddle the bike.

A once a year overhaul of the hub is a must if you ride regularly, or get caught in the rain at times. A overhaul will take all the contaminates out of the hub. Like airborne dust, grit, sand, even water that entered the hub. The cones and races and bearings get all inspected,cleaned properly with a special cleaning solution. then with the proper type of lubricant.


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Repack the hub, with the proper adjustment on the cones,the wheels will spin with little or no resistance, and wheelhubs will last you for a long time, especially with wheels from Campagnolo, SRAM and Shimano. Campagnolo is known

to make one of the worlds best wheels for their durability and weight.

So...Keep rolling & get your wheels checked !!

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