An "Energy-Body Revitalization" experience is intended to enhance the body's ability to heal itself by helping it to relax, release, rebalance and revitalize.

​• Therapeutic Pendulums are energetically advanced due to their shapes, which are based on the principals of Sacred Geometry, and can be worked with to detect the frequencies of colours in one's energy-body and facilitate the balancing of self-healing energies.

​• Chromalive® Colour Therapy is one of the most direct and effective, non-invasive methods of promoting self-healing within the body, as the light can reach energy blockages on a cellular level.

​• Quartz Crystals are known to amplify energy and intention and have been shown to open, cleanse, activate and align one's chakras thus promoting health and well-being.

• Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes self-healing by flowing healthy energy through one's energy field.

​ •An "Energy-Body Revitalization" experience may also be facilitated remotely at a distance and a face-face session is not necessary.

An energy session may include:

• self-healing with the comforting energy of Reiki

• opening blocked energy doors

• balancing the 7 major chakras

• closing holes in the energy field

• clearing energies, such as electo-magnetic smog, from the auric field

• facilitating the balancing of colour frequencies within the auric field

• With permission, light touch techniques may be incorporated.

​• At no time will it be necessary to remove any clothing and this experience does not include any touching in the areas of one's breast or pubic bone.

​• At no time does Brian Gray, diagnose one's health nor prescribe treatment and his services should not be considered as a substitute for consultation with a physician, surgeon or any other licensed health care provider.

​• The total cost is $60.00 for a one-hour energy session.

​• Please register by email at or phone Brian at 905-220-4512 and an appointment will be discussed.

• Visit for additional information regarding workshops and energy sessions.