Working with the RestoreChi Sledgehammer Team

Working with the RestoreChi Sledgehammer Team

My experience with a 5 day speaker rental and support from the RestoreChi Sledgehammer Team.

I share part of my story here: Complimentary services, to help you embody, which may be needed to thrive, as they “pump up the jam”

Since, I have been reading more of the book shown in the cover photo for this article:

It is fascinating to hear the things from the RestoreChi Sledgehammer Team, echoed in this book. That mainstream and alternative practitioners don't understand the role of dampness and chill (or EBV, where it lives, what it eats, and how it secretes neurotoxins). When we try to clear deep chill and dampness, is this similar to trying to clear deep EBV and the garbage it leaves behind?

Even Esogetic Medicine is about similar detox: helping the (brain and body/connective tissue) cells dump their garbage, so they can communicate better with each other.

The book above mentions certain foods (wheat, dairy, eggs, etc) and products (pesticides, antibiotics, prescription medication, probably Vs) which feed EBV, and cause EBV to excrete a more toxic form of these poisons. In fact, only EBV that can eat and excrete worser forms of these toxins were able to survive the industrial revolution, making EBV much more aggressive than it used to be (when it was symbiotic to our bodies, helping us clear toxins, while doing no damage). The other thing that feeds EBV is hormones, particularly stress hormones (from chronic stress, heartbreak, or loss) and hormones needed to push puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and birth. Which is why women are so prevalent to have issues.

While the Medical Medium method is diet (don't eat what the EBV likes) and supplements (to protect your body), the RestoreChi Sledgehammer approach is to take the bucket of sludge and empty it from the bottom, where it is the thickest. Then clients can do easier maintenance, by working on the top layers through the monthly membership tracks or putting less in their bucket through improved lifestyle and diet.

Its so fascinating to see the parallels between TCM concepts and what is shared in this book. For example: when there is too much neurotoxin, the liver cannot provide clean blood for the heart, so it sends sludgy blood, which clogs up and damages the heart. It also creates skin issues, where dirty blood tries to exit (or cry for help) through the skin. Which is why a lot of Esogetic Medicine assessments and treatments are through the skin (because the skin communicates out, what is going on in the body, and treats in, to restore health to the body - it's a mediator).

Here are my results from working with the RestoreChi Sledgehammer Team...

Day 0: from a pulse taking perspective, kidneys were in the worst condition (in TCM there are two versions of kidney: the bladder kidney and the reproductive kidney), and my liver was also erratic and congested, putting strain on the heart. I was sent away with the Release Dampness, Release Chill, and Increase Yang tracks. The focus was to get the chill and dampness down, and the yang track would make this go faster. Yang is something children should have in abundance, to help them grow and heal fast. We lose our Yang energy as we age, and become more Yin (gravity, being in this density, pulls on us).

Day 1: Although energetically the Chill and Dampness appeared to be down, I had not experienced the physical sensation one would have from releasing chill. On consultation with Angela (the pulse taker), I returned the Yang track (because my Yang was the first to show positive movement, and it is not something we want to play too much around kids, who should already have enough yang, and I am with my kids pretty much 24/7), and I got the Combo track (which focuses on Spleen, Kidney, and Liver). From a pulse perspective, my reproductive kidney had improved, but was still weak, and my bladder kidney was the same. I was experiencing heart burn, which is a spleen issue, but also, the kidney needs to be stronger to bring water up, to cool all this down. Later that day I did experience the expected physical symptoms of chill release, and this is a kind of chill that I feel, with (awareness of how to, and application of) good self-care, will not return. I did at night have several hours of overheating and inability to sleep, and some cramping around my liver and spleen, but, I think this was positive release of deep garbage in these organs (maybe EBV or its neurotoxic by-products), and it resolved after 2 days.

Day 3: From a pulse perspective, all major TCM organs (heart, liver, kidney, lungs, spleen) were in a good range. From an energetic perspective, the kidneys and liver were much better, but the spleen and heart were still weak, the lungs were weak because the spleen was weak, and the yang was no longer strong. I exchanged the Dampness and Chill Release tracks for the Yang and Reconnect 5 Organs tracks, because my Heart and Lungs were weak, and these organs are not supported directly with the Combo track. And, as mentioned Yang helps you heal faster.

Day 5: Between day 3 to 5 my liver and kidneys lost and regained some of their strength, but it is normal to see fluctuations. There were times when even the spleen looked like it was improving, but the lungs and stomach stayed weak. The final energetic reading was: kidney and liver are good, heart is better, spleen and lungs still weak. From a pulse perspective, all is well, except the reproductive kidney. Interesting, as prediction of the initial issue (what looked like internal bleeding under my tongue) was assumed to be an ovary issue that was trying to heal (damage from two rounds of IVF). From a photographic perspective (of face and tongue) lungs were still weak, spleen remains the weakest, and dampness is still an issue. It will take time to heal and requires support from improved diet.

This is also interesting, as the marks on the side of a wide tongue are what show signs on dampness here, but from another perspective, these show signs of issues with the spine and rib muscles, which would constrict the lung capacity. I do have a very narrow rib cage and bottom jaw, maybe due to shallow breathing as a kid (it was better not to exist, when it came to being around my parents, they are not bad people, they just didn't have parents that knew how to be there for them, and they could never look at themselves long enough, to actually realize, that they needed to do some work on themselves to change) and poor nurturing (same reason), which is supposed to help form our palate. Yes, I had braces as a kid, but my bottom jaw was never made to match the size of my upper jaw, and it was locked down by an orthotic bar for 30 years. So, my tongue (which is related to heart in TCM) had no place to rest, which may contribute to an easy swell. My life also got exponentially more dangerous, when my baby lung teeth were falling out and coming in, this is when a predator moved my mom, my sister, and I away from my dad, so he could control us more easily, and then my mom turned on me, when I took it upon myself to clear him out. This is where the frozen heart came from. So, it makes sense, and I have love for all, because I know we are one, all different aspects of me, and I can have compassion (holding space for the highest possible outcome, with no attachment). It is hard, to read the book shown above, and to know, that all the things my mother suffers with physically, she could remove, if she would only listen, but she can't, and its her life.

Going back to the technical body stuff, and away from the psychology... the stomach needs a wet environment, the spleen needs dry. This is how dampness collects, as we eat cold drinks and sugar, we gum up our spleen. The spleen is our mother after birth, and, as you can see above, not all of us had a nurturing mom to teach us about self-love and self-care, because we can only offer others what we have for our selves.

However, I am certain this process healed layers of my frozen heart (we freeze things to protect ourselves). And I also think it cleared out a lot of stored physical, emotional, and historical garbage, which is good. We can not expect to never have to self-care again, the need for this never ends, but, a boost in the right direction helps.

I remember thinking after my first Sledgehammer treatment that "now I could probably handle the V and survive, but why would I want to pump more garbage into my body, when I just got some garbage out?!" With this more extended treatment (5 days as opposed to 6hrs), I feel I can embody more, dissociate less, although, being in a body is more constraining than being an expanded soul, it is important to live in our bodies, or something else will!

I was recommended to eat more root vegetable, especially ginger to help the spleen/dampness and stomach. Medical Medium encourages fruits and vegetables, as opposed to wheat, dairy, eggs, and meat. And, its interesting, because, as we become more spiritual, they say we are supposed to eat more light (fruits and vegetables come from photosynthesis, which is light). But, maybe for me, the sugar in the morning is not so great for my spleen, and root veggies would be better. And, if I think about it, in Ayurveda, I am Kapha Pitta, which means both earth grounded, a solid spiritual teacher, and fast fire. So, I should probably get earth grounded with root vegetables, before I flutter off into spiritual light. And, though raw vegan may be great for some, and feels spiritually virtuous and connected to the cycles of nature, just pick and eat. I know I feel better eating warm foods compared to cold salads, the spleen likes warm. Like I said, mama was not there to care for me, this is what I need to do for myself, care for me, comfort me, so I can feel safe, and don't overthink myself (stomach/spleen) into illness.

I think it is important to know that there are general rules of thumb, and specific exceptions for each person, and, given I am supposed to eat in a relaxed environment to be able to digest my food (see: Understanding Mother's Guilt), this is probably also why eating cold foods is not ideal for me. I need to relax, and digest, easily.

Finally, you may say, well, for an article with a cover image about the thyroid, you didn't talk about the thyroid. Well, the thyroid is apparently part of the water system in TCM, so, my guess is: improvement to the kidneys will help the thyroid. Also, the biggest contributor to damage is from the adrenal glands (which sit on top of the kidneys, and, in RestoreChi, are part of fire-water balance), not in a bad way, the adrenal glands compensate, but adrenaline also feeds EBV. And, bottom line is: thyroid issues are not about the thyroid either, or so I have come to understand, being just shy of a third of the way into this book. The thyroid is under attack, just like everything is under attack, because the way we live, feeding the bad things inside of us, which wreak havoc, everywhere (the metaphor is also true). And, we can support ourselves better, by opting out, cleaning up our diet, and our habits, and being more aware of what all these chemicals do to our body, and why true healing is better than symptom masking with toxic chemicals. My grandfather was a chemist, and beyond the grave, he regrets the impact of his actions. Everything has a price, and we all pay it, sooner or later.

Sending love.

If you're inspired to try any of these healing modalities, reach out.