Prepare your body for the Corona Virus

Prepare your body for the Corona Virus

Here are some things you could be doing to prepare your body to process out the Corona Virus, should it come your way...

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Of course, we are all social distancing, to minimize the fast spread of the corona virus, so we do our best not to overload the mainstream medical field, with too many critical cases at once.

Some people feel they are also social distancing, as we wait for a cure.

Some people fear this "protection" will come too soon, without the proper testing. Others fear this "protection" will come with devices in it, so that we can be more easily tracked and controlled.

Whatever you believe, whatever happens, you are here to be able to navigate this! You are not a victim. You are a capable soul and body.

I created a video a few weeks ago, to try to support my parents to start building up their body's ability to process out the Corona Virus. It can be found here:

But, some people don't have time to watch a 20min video. So, here are the basics:

1) There is a FREE track designed to support your lungs to process out the Corona Virus. It is actually designed to process out ALL KINDS of garbage (pollution, toxins, virus, etc) that we breathe into our bodies. It is available here:

2) The lungs are certainly the organ that is most taxed by the Corona Virus, and when your lungs go down, the other major organs (in Traditional Chinese Medicine) are required to pick up the slack - the Kidneys, Liver, Spleen, and Heart. Perhaps this is why we are seeing death from the Corona Virus due to not only blocked lungs, but also Kidney Failure, and a higher risk for death among those with cardiovascular or metabolic disease, or those who have had an organ removed.

3) We need to get the sludge out of our bodies. Sludge comes from the food we eat, the air we breathe (through our lungs and our skin), and what we drink, etc.

4) Sludge is removed from the body using the following RestoreChi Tracks. Please do not run all the tracks at the same time, healing and detoxing is hard work for your body, current times call for taking it easy, not overdoing it! And do some physical stretching, notice where things feel like they get "stuck" anywhere in your body and try to imagine what is trying to get out. Reach out to a practitioner for more support, see Looking for a RestoreChi practitioner?:

  • Phlegmatic (to reduce phlegm and heavy metals everywhere in the body, which can be supportive in minimizing the negative impacts of EMFs, wifi, and fhive-gee)
  • Lung track (mentioned in step 1, to remove phlegm from the lungs, and to strengthen the lungs)
  • Spleen Phlegmatic (to remove phlegm from the Spleen)
  • Liver Detox (to clear garbage from the Liver, so that it can work better to detox the body)
  • Heart Maintenance (if you feel you need strength there)
  • Kidney Enhance (if you need support in that area, i.e., you do not have a good amount of saliva in your mouth at all times)
  • Lymph Balance (to clear garbage from your lymphatic system), and
  • Hot Wind Dampness (to create a more effective skin barrier)

5) We also need to strengthen and support our tired bodies. Especially if social distancing has added more responsibility, stress, noise, or conflict to your life, or reduced your alone time and ability to self-care. The following tracks are supportive for this (run them as needed):

  • Full Healing (for general maintenance)
  • Central Governing, paired with Reconnect 5 organs (to support the energy flow on at least two planes of your body), and
  • Cell Treatment (if you really need a physical energy boost)

That should get you started toward better health!

In addition, as I mentioned in my video, we need to be mindful if your middle is an energetic ice block. If you feel you may have Uterus or Bladder Chill, please consult a RestoreChi practitioner to work this out, as an energetic ice block in your middle will prevent proper flow of energy and health from happening. See here for some options: Looking for a RestoreChi practitioner?

Finally, I want to share that: what these tracks are doing, is working at the subtle / aura level of your organs. So, in western medicine, when we speak of the virus molecule going into your body, merging with your cells, transmitting its "broken" DNA/RNA into the nucleus of your cell, causing it to replicate more virus molecules <- THAT is all on the physical level of the body.

If you have a strong subtle body / aura around your organs, then there is no need to even think about what might happen down at the physical (cell) level.

Its like being able to walk into a room and get a sense that getting into a conversation with someone is going to lead you to some dark place, so, instead of engaging in this conversation, you go upstairs and work on something you love.

The subtle energy exists and it is protective. But, just as it is protective, your unwillingness to protect yourself, by generating all kinds of fears and stresses, also puts holes in your subtle bodies / auras.

As much as I want to be supportive of Mental Health Agencies who say "it is ok to have anxiety right now", don't live in fear or anxiety, and don't distract yourself from how you feel either!

Use these emotions as a sign that your body is trying to tell you something, it needs something, your soul needs something.

Listen. Where are you violating your unique self-care boundaries?

Have respect for your self, your body, your limits, and your soul.

Treat yourself well.

Strengthen yourself.

Stop baking and eating sugar and drinking alcohol and succumbing to illness.

The virus is not "coming to get you"! Everyone is capable of taking control of their choices and their health.

You are being invited to step up and show this life that you want to live!

Buff up your body. Be here! Because you are worth it.

And, you can also protect your loved ones.

In closing, let me add: I am not trying to make any money off of you. I am simply trying to tell you that there are tools available. And, I am making no promises of what will work for you, because NO ONE can heal another.

Only YOU can heal yourself and your family, by educating yourself, and making better choices!

The opportunity below has passed, but if you email she can let you know when she plans to run this event again. She also runs a free 2hr intro version, so reach out and inquire, if it is of interest to you to learn more. I don't make a dime if you decide to participate in her session(s), or sign up for the tracks, I simply share this information because these are amazing opportunity for you to get started:

Prepare your body for the Corona Virus

You heal from the inside out, not the outside in!

Everything you need is inside of you, if you are willing to support it!

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Everything you need is inside of you, all you have to do is educate yourself and be willing to support who you really are!

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Love, Bless, and Strong, Now and Always!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

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Here is a fun music video, to remind you: Life is meant to be fun. Hopefully Chris Mann's words will stay stuck in your head, to remind you: You can do this!

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Even the Economist is asking you to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX on this one!