People don't want to suffer, but do they want to heal?

People don't want to suffer, but do they want to heal?

I feel the need to address this issue with regards to RestoreChi. Have patience with this article, even though its long and detailed, the end will offer closure

Article read for you here:

Many of us are very stuck in our ways. We have habits that create problems in our bodies and lives, and we often search for the effortless way out.

Up until now, the majority of the RestoreChi tracks have been to remove negative stuff from our body. This can be highly effective. But the problem is: the body never really learns how to do so for itself. And we need to keep using the tracks to strengthen and remove. Also, where does all that garbage go?

The new RestoreChi track does something many other modalities are also trying to get at. Like the Healy/Timewaver, it tries to organize the information at a higher level, which can then drop into the physical, BUT! There is a huge but! If we have habits (like poor diet, lack of movement, negative thoughts, not acting when we feel our emotions/symptoms signal that we are violating our own personal limits) that keep us stuck in our old way of being, no organization of information outside of us (or at a higher, more subtle, layer of our being) can come into form.

For example, when I was pregnant, I had bad acid reflux (bacteria, coming up to burn my throat). Chiropractic care could fix this issue, but get me on my computer, angry at the world, drafting an article, and the acid reflux would come right back. Not even the physical can keep the physical fixed forever. My kids wanted me to learn the price for my anger, and that this is not my role, at all.  I could channel my energy into much better things.

Now we look at the Esogetics parallel, where the new RestoreChi track brings you back to your original conception energy (before many life traumas and unresolved conflicts caused you to be unable to discern, between what is yours and what you picked up from others but are not your true life path).

For the first 2 days the new RestoreChi speakers need to be worn on the back by the kidneys. This will allow the kidneys to work together to restimulate our original program/energy. Once the body has enough of its original energy, we can move the speaker around to the organs or areas that are causing us pain, to get them to function better (by learning how to do so again: excess fire to the heart, not the head to cause havoc, excess chill to the kidneys, not all over to store trauma, etc).

In my case, my left and right kidney were not in balance. Many people think "we don't need two kidneys, we can donate one", but we need two kidneys for balance. In fact, Nuno Nina from Healy says: "anything that nature duplicates is for a reason, duplicated organs are very important!"

The new RestoreChi track also triggers us to feel some of our old injuries and illnesses, which did not fully heal (because we pushed them beneath the surface, by taking pain killers, surgery, antibiotics, etc), so they can have a chance to complete their healing.

For me, the foot which I shattered on a house while tobogganing in our backyard as a kid started to hurt again, then the pain moved up my legs, to complete a new alignment. Then my head hurt, so I slept with the speaker under my pillow for a few days, to clear as much as I could, from 10 years of taking psychiatric meds.

Interestingly, Reflexologist Maria Fiordalisi shared with me that: the area of our foot associated with conflict in Esogetics, is also associated with congestion in the eyes (liver; detox your anger) and inner ears (kidney; detox your fear), not wanting to see the world the way it is (because this makes us angry) or to hear our inner truth (because we are afraid of the conflict we may face if we follow, or can't follow, our truth):

EEA, Kirlian, Conflict Stress, Foot

Conflict shows up as congestion in the foot pad

Conflict, Lung, Large Intestine, REM, Theta, Sleep, Dream, TCM clock, Age 3-6, Water, Phlegmatic, Immune, Personal Power

Topography of the Right Foot

This brings us back to You Have A Life Plan.

RestoreChi cannot save you from your lessons. Your karma are the experiences your soul wanted you to have in this life, to learn. It's your Soul Contract! Your soul (and spirit) agreed to support your life if you agree to live YourLifePlan.

Free will lets you choose between health/alignment (which can include suffering, illness, injury, disability, groggy, ill temper, and negative emotions, if that is what you came here to learn or teach from), or lack of health/alignment (which is just a drawn out last chance, which most of us don't want to experience, or an active taking you out, because you are not living up to the bargain of this life, which oddly most people hope for - "I just want to be hit by a bus, or die in my sleep" they say).

Many of us don't live our lives. We make up excuses. We are swayed by all the things intended to distract us and drain our income. In-come is not just money. It's also energy (soul) and information (spirit). We are endowed for so long, in each life, and if we do not live in our body, illness/stuck-ness sets in. You can tell who is not in their body, because they are always running around, focused on (and blocked by) things that don't matter. And if you try to support them with healing, they don't have time to "do the work".

"The work" is simple self-care. Put the speakers on when you sleep, move around, protect your body from the elements, eat well, take a RestoreChi bath to draw out the dampness, and listen to what life is telling you.

The sad thing is, in Esogetics, left-right imbalances and not being grounded in the body (the cause of illness) are both evidence of unprocessed conflict/trauma. We are all traumatized, and therefore we don't function well. Someone, somewhere along our path, convinced us that our humanness is wrong, that seeking our lessons is wrong, so we would rather die, than suffer by facing this truth and continuing to follow our life path.

Will you heal with the new RestoreChi track? I don't know, will you follow YourLifePlan?

And it's not just about getting a reading and saying: "oh that is so accurate, so interesting". It's about letting life happen to you. Being the observer. Observing how you react to things and what you are shown in your life.

When you do X are you rewarded with calm or chaos around you? Nothing is by accident. Things go well (or at least interesting) when you listen, and things go sh*t when you don't. There are so many mainstream traps, and arguments to get into about it. But those traps are all intentional. No one achieves enlightenment without initiation. Let those who are trapped be trapped, send compassion, and continue to grow for yourself. And, when you get to where life is trying to take you, the reward is: when others are trying to get there too, you get to validate their truth, that "this world is full of lies and traps, and that's ok, because that is how they convince our vast souls that we are small mere humans, who need to learn our lessons, and once we do, we can give back, and support others". And that is all there is to it. The story is the same, but the details differ for each of us. That is what makes us unique and important, to the whole of creation. Oneness.

I hope this helps?

I'll give you a few more real life examples:

1) A RestoreChi client had lung cancer to the point that she lost her mobility. Master Yan was able to relieve her of her cancer. She was so grateful that she would run him all around town whenever he came to visit. But then her family said they would not see her if she would not take the covid vaccine. She knew it was a risk, but she took it to be able to see her family, and then her lungs filled with fluid, and she died. Lung cancer was trying to teach her the following:

lung, messages from the body, lise bourbeau People don't want to suffer, but do they want to heal? People don't want to suffer, but do they want to heal? People don't want to suffer, but do they want to heal?

2) I want to fix myself once, and then never have to fix myself again. I also want my kids to have fewer problems. I don't want to pay $175 per 45min session for eye therapy for my daughter, requiring up to 20 sessions, to get her eyes to work together. I also don't want to drive 30min each way to get there, do daily exercises with her, and coordinate childcare for my other kids. I want my kids to be less grumpy and angry (sadly there is a difference) and to listen to their needs before they get to a point where we are all feeling their discontent. But I am here to learn to share myself (it's one of my Soul Contract lessons). As much as I would like to be able to do my own thing and just enjoy them, I also need to participate in their therapy to learn something new. And I need to coach them on not letting all their emotions build up, and not getting so upset when things are not as perfect as they imagined (as per their Human Design). Sadly, I can't just empty the garbage in my kids, and have them stay empty. They fill back up with garbage, because they still need to learn self-care habits to maintain health. And, sadly, some people don't get along until they learn how to get along. It's a longstanding battle of "I had mommy all to myself, and then you came along", with faces made in one direction, and anger seething from another.

3) Feedback I received on this article (which I am grateful for, keep reading): "It needs to be more concise; you mention too many modalities, the reader needs to know which path to take, this is unclear with this article, just focus on RestoreChi and You Have a Life Plan". Also, the autogrammar has been making me think: "should I accept their autocorrect, or does it take away my intended meaning? How does it know better than me where I want to place my unique emphasis?". That said, I received similar feedback on another page I shared with someone else, because I shared it with the tone of "are you ok if I say this?" and it was returned with "when I read this, this is how I feel, maybe you should change what you said", which is not what I asked for. I don't take criticism on who I am or how I speak. See:

All I Know So Far - Pink

3) continued: So I am not being more concise, but I am adding context, which is more than I was able to do the last time I was offered similar feedback (so I am growing). The intended reader for this article is: "anyone who feels the new RestoreChi track does not work". As I have heard many say this. Even though muscle testing prior to the client's arrival shows they should be doing much better, the person/parent still reports they are not there yet (no change, they say).

Below is a photo our middle child (5yrs ago), her art, the list of things I had for me to work on for her (writen 2yrs ago), and a photo of me that I found nearby. On the side of the list (of things to work on), it says "How much do we clear for her (lessons/function)", implying that: I only want to clear enough so she can function, but not so much that I remove her opportunity to learn her lessons.

And THAT is the beauty of the latest RestoreChi track! It will not clear your lessons, it will just make it easier to work on your lessons, by removing what is not your "karma". Everything left unresolved (that looks resolved on a higher dimension) is because our current state of having worked through our karma/lessons is not allowing it to drop into our physical reality (yet). But, when we learn our lessons, and live a more aligned life, the possibility of healing becomes more likely, because the soul now remembers health is an option.

This is a beautiful example of "first do no harm". And also, I kept my article lengthy because I don't remove other people's lessons either. They may be annoyed that I write too much, ask too much of the reader, and don't provide THE one answer (which is to "come see me and we will figure it out"). Because I don't want to do your lesson for you either. I can give you MY answer, what I would do, but it's your life, and many doors are opened, and many doors are closed, and only if you walk through the right door, will the next right door be opened for you (no matter how much you waver, the outcome is right when you follow your truth).

And the final parallel; In Esogetics, a sore right pinky can indicate that the person has built an ego/personality structure incompatible with life (only endowed to us if we are living our LifePlan). This finger is associated with the planet Pluto and the astrological sign Scorpio, and the message is "change or die". Yes, things are hidden in my articles, to maintain anonymity of where I learned each lesson. Sometimes that leaves the reader wondering where each piece came from. But take it at face value, know each piece is there for a certain type of reader, because, after one read, they will not go back and read the whole thing again, they will just read the part that I implanted for them to go back to refer to, and so will I/eye (releasing anger, detoxing the liver). I am grateful people took the time to read my article and to offer me feedback. I hope I did it justice, for my personal growth, and for the potential reader.

I also wanted to show that it is all connected. There may be good practitioners and bad ones, good modalities and bad ones. But look long enough, and you may see, that we are all blind wo/men grasping at distinct parts of an elephant, to try to understand life:

corroborating ideas across modalities

Blind Man and The Elephant

...and when two modalities happen to grasp the same part, and both, from different angles say "I've got a tusk (or I've got conflict, or I've got anger, or I've got the information system, or I've got the higher dimension etc)" and the other can say "yeah, me too", then this is something worth celebrating, and noting, as corroboration, and thus more likely to be "true".

Sending love. None of us are perfect, or we wouldn't be here!

If you are tired of suffering and ready to accept YourLifePlan, reach out.

I don't do this alone. I am a polymath, I dabble in many sciences, I share about life as I learn, and I provide what those around me cannot. And when they are more capable than me, I send you to them. Because the point is not for me to keep you, and to suck you dry, but for you to find your way, as gracefully as possible.

Someone can be rich and miserable or have only what they need and be at peace. You don't really know unless you know what level to look at their life.

In alignment, you are given everything you need to do YourLifePlan because spirit wants us to succeed. We are all god's "children". We all play a significant role, whether we are in alignment or not (because out of alignment we offer contrast, to know what alignment is).

Alahnnaa Campbell

Multidimensional Health Psychologist

From Fear and Blame to Recovery and Play, visit

Here are the photos of our daughter, and the wish list, that I mentioned above, and my new at home office, where I am now able to see clients, see Let's Book Our Time for details:

list of things to treat, concern about removing her opportunity to learn, not possible with restorechi

First do no harm! - Its interesting, because more people seem to be asking for treatment without an injection or pill, no garbage added, just do the work in a clean way, no side effects, and that is what RestoreChi is. It fixes what it can, and what it can't, is not being allowed in at this time, until the lessons are learned. RestoreChi will not shortchange a person of their lessons (as it may have done in the past: poof the cancer is gone, but here is it back again when actions lacked alignment for a person who cured their cancer should be at: honour thyself and thy body first, above all else). With the new RestoreChi track, hopefully, this won't happen again. We don't "save" people, they must save themselves, by engaging in their healing, and growing from their experience.

a gift from my kids, because they needed support, I had to learn

My New Client Space (at my home) - it is because of my challenging pregnancies, and because my kids struggle to live in this world, that I was guided to learn all the modalities I have on board and can refer you to. Yes, I had a hard life before they came along, but it was because they needed help that I found a way to help us all. And so, this office, and its contents, are because of them (and this image only shows a third of the room). This is the result of engaging with our Soul Contract, our Life Lessons, our Karma, and operating in alignment with our unique Design and Genetic makeup. I wonder what is waiting to bloom through you?