How to self-care in an increasingly toxic world? (updated Feb2022)

How to self-care in an increasingly toxic world? (updated Feb2022)

This is what I do to support my health, I could be wrong, pls work with a practitioner to learn what is right for you and to have support incase you react badly

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Last year, I wrote a series of articles to try to support parents to transmute the school system (see The Carebear Network for many articles about the school system). The year before, I co-wrote a series of articles to try to put our current experience in context with astrology (2020 and beyond - A western astrology perspective) which led to a mini course (Can Astrology Guide Us for the Next 5-10yrs?) and more.

This year I am working on this evolving article/topic, to try to support health. The topic of learning to support our own health was mostly ignored the first time around (see Prepare your body for the Corona Virus), but now that it is obvious that the V is not going to save anyone from putting in their self-care work, maybe some people will be interested to learn how their body works, so they can support their body better.

Keeping my personal commentary to a minimum...

I am not interested in healthcare support that involves Ms, Vs, or dr-ughs. Instead, ** I have a local Medical Medium expertALIGN (body movement) practitioner, aromatherapy/reflexologist, detox specialists, and two chiropractors **.

In addition...

From Dr Daniel Nuzum, I am learning the importance of the following organs in the detox sequence: large intestines, lymphatics, kidneys, then liver. As well as the important link between the liver, hypothalamus, pituitary, and hormone glands, in creating a feedback loop for our negative emotions. Also, issues tend to piggy-back on each other, so it is important to clear out parasites first, then bacteria, then fungus, then veye-russes (often the latter will clear out, when the prior are gone). Irritation leads to inflammation, which leads to infection.

From Nuno Nina, I am learning the importance of the lungs and the kidneys in the detox process (we have two of each, nature duplicates what is important). We need water and breath/skin to clear out garbage. We should also take into consideration where we are in the moon, solar, and daily cycles. Should we be increasing energy or allowing it to wane at this time? Should this organ be working at this time, and if so, what organ should be taking a break?

From Dr Henry Ealy, I am learning about correcting dietary deficiencies.

Dr Nuzum (above) states that "the most incredible healing you will ever see, is when you correct a previously unknown dietary deficiency". In fact, there is no such thing as a deficiency of dr-ughs, or Vs!

I mention the organs above (and below) because RestoreChi has tracks to help: balance the lymph, detox the liver, clear phlegm from the body, spleen, and uterus, clear gout in the joints, strengthen the kidneys, heart, lungs, intestines, gallbladder, stomach, bladder, full healing (multivitamin), fire-water balance, and much more.

RestoreChi water cards are also great to use in a bath to increase sweating, as a mechanism to clear dampness from the body. The cards can also reduce the size of the water molecules (in a spray bottle), which (when sprayed on problem skin areas) can get underneath the skin to push dirt out (acne, clogged pores, liver spots, skin tags, etc.). We can also drink water charged with these cards, to replace the garbage we take out in a RestoreChi water card bath, with good (low yin, high yang) energy water.

This is a great article to learn more about TCM and RestoreChi: All Illness has 8 stages! And, there is also RestoreChi cream now, where the chemicals are energetically removed, and the cream acts like an intensive water card bath, to draw out the yin energy which makes us sluggish and old, and add in the yang energy which helps us have the energy to live and detox. RestoreChi water cards can also be used in or under cold humidifiers to improve/clear eyes, face, and body. And there are RestoreChi decals which can be used above or below a pain point to clear a blockage in a given meridian (but you need to know where the meridians are first and what each one is responsible for). This product may also be good to know about: The RestoreChi band, a healthy and loving barrier

Esogetic Medicine can also support organs, including help connect areas of the brain, and much more (see below).

All of the above stress the importance of creating good terrain, after which clearing out symptoms/garbage is much easier and more permanent.

Just like it is helpful to understand our unique Soul Contract, energetic make up (Human Design), and life lessons (Gene Keys), etc., we also need to understand how we tend to breakdown and get sick (what are our Achilles' heels?). Even though we can all get the same illness, how we got there, and our path back to health, can be very different.

This is what I use (as needed, or 4 days per week), for the following purposes:

Anti-veyeral, antioxidant, improved immune function: Vitamin C, Vitamin D + K2 (to protect calcium transport into bones), Zinc (reducing reaction to neurotoxins, pill form for daily use, dropper form for sore throat, carnosine form for leaky gut) + Quercetin (to help Zinc get into the cell, Quercetin also increases perception of what is truly wrong, so the body can learn how to fix it), Echinacea, L-Lysine and avoid eggs (to reduce veye-ral reproduction and movement), Chaga, Lugol's Iodine on the skin (to improve thyroid health)

Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, improved immune response: Goldseal, Cat Claw, Olive Leaf

Support healthy blood function: NutraSea Omega 3 (apparently vegan versions only have a 10% conversion to what we need in our brain, while high quality fish oil has 100% conversion), Chlorophyll, Olive Leaf (to lower blood pressure), (also Phlegmatic, Varicose Veins, and Liver Detox RestoreChi tracks)

Detox blood/heavy metals (critical if you are reacting to fhive gee): Zeolite, Tabebuia, Bentonite Clay, Ozone Sauna, Spirulina, Dulse, Barley Grass powder, Frozen Wild Blueberries, Cilantro (or any other fresh herb), you need to know if your liver is in good enough shape to handle detox, or if you have to detox via the skin, also see "more regular bowel movements" below as detoxing that way has many benefits!

Anti-anxiety, improved sleep: Lemon Balm, Magnesium, L-Theanine, GABA, Ashwaganda, and being open to process what your mind is trying to process in the day or at night if need be, and looking at the TCM clock to see what organs are asking for support (usually its issues with Gall Bladder and not following your heart's desire if you wake at 11pm-1am, Liver not letting go of your negative emotions 1-3am, Lungs not allowing your self to grieve 3-5am, Large Intestine not being able to relax and let go 5-7am)

Support nervous system and stop twitches: ALA, Oatstraw tea, Lemon Balm tea

Calm mouth/intestine/stomach mucosal lining IBS reactions: L-Lysine (when taken with food it is a digestive enzyme, when taken alone it's an anti-veyral) or potatoes, NFH ProBio and/or Recover SAP, dirt from a local organic farm, fermented foods (anise with cabbage), celery juice (digestive enzyme), Licorice (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off), Nettle, Papaya (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, improve digestion), Eyebright (for inflammation/problems of sinus, eyes, or throat), diluted Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oil on contact (for gum inflammation)

Enhance mucosal integrity: Vitamin A (beta-carotene, carrots), NAC (also thins mucus so it can be coughed up), Elderberry

More regular bowel movements (you should go poo 3 times per day!): Tihur Tea, Bissy (Jamaican kola-nut tea, intestinal/migraine detox), hydro colonics see "Help to get healthy again", also fairly regular 16hr fasting is good to let the body rest after doing all this heavy digestive work, its easiest to stop eating at 6pm and then not eat until 10am the next day, some people avoid all fats until 12pm to give the Liver and Gallbladder more time to detox blood as opposed to digest food.

Cell Hydration: Fulvic Acid (from the earth, processing plants/animals), (also Kidney Enhance and Cell Repair RestoreChi tracks)

Build energy: B12 (also Central Governing, Cell Repair, and Fire/Water Balance for the adrenal glands RestoreChi tracks, don't forget to use the Full Healing track and allow for rest time too, don't just go go go!)

Clear circulating spyke pro-teen: NAC (antioxidant that thins mucus so it can be coughed up), Dandelion tea, Thyme, Anise, Serrapeptase (proteolytic - dissolves proteins, anti-inflammatory, pain reduction, to be considered), Bromelain (pineapple)

Calm skin nerve (or other allergic) reactions: Nettle oral, Lavander essential oil added to base cream (for over reaction to bug bites)

Sore throat: Oil of oregano, Lemon-Garlic-Ginger-Honey mix (with or without Ginger, add some Himalayan salt if you think you can handle the shock of high salt), Lemon-Honey-Water, Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa herbal syrup, Elderberry syrup and teas, Zinc droppers

Kidney detox: Watermelon, Kidney cleanse tea, (also Kidney Enhance and Fire/Water Balance RestoreChi tracks)

Infection/congestion/repeated scar flare up blocking energy pathways/gout-like symptoms: Ozone injections or Insufflation (through ears and nose via oil to create Ozonite), (also Gout, Phlegmatic, Spleen Phlegm, Liver Detox, Lymphatic Balance, and Full Healing RestoreChi tracks)

Also key, was to stop drinking ZERO water, which is void of many nutrients (even though it cleared many toxins from the tap water). Spring water with just ozone added is ideal for me. While I am not a fan of the impact of buying big plastic jugs on the environment, I also don't want RO or Alkaline water, so this is our solution for now. The ideal is to drink 1/2 oz per lb of body weight every day, but I have yet to do the math and measurements for myself. I know I simply need to keep drinking more. And know, that as soon as you add anything to your water (tea, juice, smoothie, setc), it becomes a carb and is no longer acting to detox your body. We still use our ZERO filter to create clean water for our coffee machine, humidifiers, and boiling food, but any water that we eat we try to use spring (even for soup).

Doing something for the lymphatic system daily is also key; jumping, putting feet in the air, dry brushing with a wood brush to avoid static, lymphatic massage, are all very beneficial. The lymph system doesn't have a pump like the blood system, you are its pump!

See the list of practitioners above (marked with ** **), to get more specific and advanced treatments, to meet your unique needs.

I think it is very sad that this is most people's reaction to C (following direction without even deciding for themselves what makes sense or not, and sadly I think there will be a heavy price to pay, when many realize this was not the best strategy, hopefully there will be time for them to turn it around and benefit from their experience in this lifetime):

This is a great book, for what natural treatment to use when, and to prepare your self for what illness really looks like, how to navigate it, and when to reach out for more help:

When it comes to supplements, I like what I heard my kids' teacher say about eating wild mushrooms and berries yesterday "never eat them, until you have spoken to 4 people who say it's OK, and then go ask an expert".

For example, here is a post I wrote about a couple of articles that I skimmed. I am not just going to take everything on the list. I took a screen shot of the recommendations, and will think about:

- what on those lists resonates with other symptoms my body has?

- what am I already taking, can I up those doses, or take it more regularly, or do I need something different (because if that were the solution, I would no longer have the problem)?

Then I would take my plan to one of my practitioners above, who have given me effective recommendations in the past. I know it can be overwhelming to see an extensive list and to feel you have a lot to learn. But, bit by bit, you have lots of time, to figure out your unique healthcare needs. And know, practitioners will often disagree, but you know your truth, once you have heard from them, trust your self!

Life is full of so much love, we just need to know how to use it, and be willing to allow our selves to receive.

As part of Esogetic Medicine, I also have brainwave programs to help:

- clear physical and psychological pair-ah-sights, and

- switch microglia in the brain, from their assassin to their supportive helper angel role, see:

microglia, inflammation, brain fog, detox, support health, trauma

...and colour light, crystal, and sound treatments to help clear:

- headaches (and sleep disturbance), by connecting multiple parts of the brain (in the body) to process information in a more coordinated way,

- body pain, by allowing the cells of the mesenchyme/connective tissue to detox, get nutrients, and communicate better (pain is just stuck energy),

- sinus congestion, tummy aches, optimize immune function,

- address psychological issues of past and present, and

- help us remember why we are here and what to do next (to clear our current block/loop), etc.

For months I refused to work with people who are Ved. Now that I have more experience navigating mine and my kids' reactions to people who are Ved, supporting normal illness/detox (fever, runny nose, cough, pain etc), to try to get what does not belong in our bodies out!, I am now more comfortable exposing my self and my kids to people who are Ved.

I think it is important to note that I was not well before all of this happened (none of us are, we just don't always know it). I had very challenging pregnancies, which I wrote about here (Pregnancy as a spiritual clearing from head to tailbone), that inspired me to learn how to detox and have fun (see From Fear and Blame to Recovery and Play). I had severe social anxiety and panic, which fell into major depression after taking an anti-mah-leria V. Prior to that I had a manic break, possibly the result of rapid weight loss after taking a lot of recreational (self-destructive) dr-ughs as a youth, until my body literally said "you have to stop!". All of this is now kept in check with good self-care, and no more meds (but I was on meds for over 10yrs). So, I have a lot inside my body (psychologically, emotionally, physically) to clear, we all do!

It's interesting that my first major reaction to people who are Ved started in my Spleen (where we absorb and distribute nutrients to the body), and my second major reaction started in my Liver/Gallbladder (an important organ pair for cleaning the blood and garbage detox). I see these as the mother and father organs inside of our selves. Teaching us to self-care and love our selves, and to go out in the world and express ourselves, respectively.

My third major reaction came from not being able to use my regular dentist, because he would not respect my M exemption, and then when I finally got to a dentist who respected my limits, I think he had been recently Ved and not thinking straight, and he may have put in some fillings without cleaning the socket first, and he also removed the orthodontic bar that I had in my mouth for 30 years, locking my fear and anger teeth (kidney and liver meridians) together, and I am still trying to clear the information stored in my teeth and gums, that was not allowed to move when everything in my mouth was on lockdown.

I love how we can borrow from nature, plants, and natural cycles (mundane and natal astrology, aka developmental psychology) to support our health. In fact, many of the things that we borrow from plants for health, we borrow from their immune system, how they generate energy/health, or from their cycle of death to life (chaga mushrooms, fulvic acid, etc).

Health requires us to align with the flow of nature, accept natural limits, and care for each other, and the earth (which we are a part of).

It is natural, in this world, to be afraid to die or to get sick.

But, it is when we are sick, that we learn the skills we came here for: how to care for, understand, and use our bodies.

We are all scientists (and healthcare workers) of our own bodies.

We are all going to die. The more we dr-ugh our selves and ignore our truth, the more painful that death is going to be, unless you numb that too.

Instead, you can just complete your mission and choose to cross over in peace.

Death and birth are the most natural things, illness and wellness, a normal flow, to teach us how to walk the path of the sage, our unique truth.

The rest is insanity, and the majority of people are insane, because they were brainwashed by society, and gov-urn-ment-run s-cools. But, there is a good minority who see through this, and who will build a better world.

When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.

Money is the dirtiest thing on earth, I'd rather have a supportive community!

Maybe that community includes you? <3

ps. When I asked if "cardio" exercise is what's important for vascular health, the response was "we also need weight bearing exercises for bones, muscles, and hormone health". And, there are bone (kidney), muscles (via spleen), lymphatic (which is part of what cardio workouts help move), and varicose vein RestoreChi tracks too. Plus plenty of Esogetic colour light treatments to support many levels of hormone function too. But, once the weather gets better, I may actually go for internal pelvic floor therapy (which I found very helpful in the past), and start to run again. Mama needs some freedom too!

pps. Never complain about the weather, its one of the best teachers we have about life.