Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair

Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair

Argan oil deserves to be called liquid gold for many good reasons. Not only does it make your hair shiny and lustrous. It also promotes healthier hair growth.

Interestingly, there are natural products you can use to keep your hair beautiful and shiny. One is Argan oil.

Argan oil is obtained from the fruit of the Argan tree. This fruit is filled with so many nutrients that goats will do everything to eat them. Inside this fruit is a small nut, where Argan oil is extracted. For centuries now, the natives of Morocco are using the oil for healing purposes and to enhance beauty. They've been exploring the Argan forest to gather Argan nuts and press them to extract their oil.

Now, you might be wondering why this oil is so popular among Moroccans. Aside from the fact that it is loaded with vitamins A, C, and E, it is also packed with linoleic acid, antioxidants, and omega-6 fatty acids. When used externally, the oil can help improve cell product, which helps make the skin and hair healthier.

The good news is that you can still take advantage of the properties of this amazing oil even if you are not from Morocco. You don’t even need to buy expensive hair care products. All you have to do is buy the oil.

Although Argan oil is not that cheap, a little always goes a long way. That means a bottle can last a very long time, offering you better value compared to buying pricey store-bought, commercial hair products.

The secret is simply to ensure youbuy pure Argan oil. How do you know it?

How to Determine an Authentic Argan Oil

Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair

If you want to know whether the Argan oil you purchased is authentic or not, consider these things:

  1. Check the label - The ingredients list should have only one ingredient. That is Argan oil. There should be no other additives included or whatsoever, be it water, preservatives, or even fragrances.
  2. Do not buy oils in plastic or clear bottles - The best Argan oil is packaged in dark glass bottles because light will only break down its beneficial properties.
  3. Smell it - You should be able to identify a pure Argan oil by its smell. It usually has a mild, nutty scent that dissipates immediately after skin contact.
  4. Feel it - After smelling it, feel the oil. It should be smooth on the skin and does not feel watery.
  5. Check for an Ecocert Certificate - The oil must be labeled100% pureorMade in Morocco.It must also have an Ecocert Certificate.
  6. It has to be labeled cosmetic grade - If you do not plan to cook with it, look for a cosmetic grade Argan oil as it gives your hair the essential nutrients it needs.

So, how do you use Argan oil for your hair’s benefit?

The Uses of Argan Oil for the Hair

There are many ways on how your hair can benefit from pure Argan oil. Here's how:

Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair Infographics

Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair Infographics

1. Get Rid of Dandruff and Combat Dry Scalp.

Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair

Argan oil has moisturizing properties that can be used to combat dandruff and dry scalp. It even has antioxidants and vitamin E that are beneficial for the scalp. Moreover, it contains fatty acids that are believed to reduce inflammation of the skin and prevent dryness.

These days, more and more people are suffering from dry scalp and flakiness because they use shampoos that contain drying chemical agents. As a result, dandruff shows. Just when they thought that medicated dandruff shampoos can get rid of the problem, they’re only making things worse. Not only are they exposing the body to a myriad of chemicals, they are also drying out the hair and scalp.

If you have dandruff problems, your best friend is Argan oil. Apply it on your scalp to help reduce dryness and moisturize the hair. Put 5 to 6 drops of Argan oil between your palms and rub them together to warm. Massage the warmed oil directly to your scalp and then wear a shower cap. Let the oil penetrate into the scalp and hair overnight. Do this at least twice a week and you’ll be surprised how dryness and dandruff is treated.

2. Repair Split Ends and Tame Frizz by Using Argan Oil Hair Treatment.

Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair

Yes, Argan oil can also be used as a leave in conditioner. That way, fly-away hair and frizz won’t stand a chance.

How to use argan oil hair treatment, you need to warm a drop of Argan oil in your palms. Spread and massage it throughout your strands using your fingers. Make sure you pay attention to the ends to fight split ends as well. Later on, add another drop of oil to your fingers and gently massage it into your scalp.

Many have experienced the amazing benefits of using this oil as a leave-in conditioner already. According to them, it worked really well for them, making their hair shinier and glossier.

3. Protect Your Tresses Against Heat Tools.

Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair

Unlike commercial styling agents that cause long-term damage to the hair, because of the chemicals used within, Argan oil offers more benefits to the hair, not only nourishing it, but also repairing any damage.

To use, put 2 to 3 drops of the oil on your palms. Warm the oil and massage it through your strands before using a heat styling tool. After which, brush your hair to evenly distribute the oil from the roots to the ends. Once done, you can start styling your hair with your preferred tool.

4. Fight Brittleness and Dryness.

Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair

Although there are lots of available hair care products that can be used as a deep conditioner, Argan oil can be used as a natural alternative. If you feel that your hair is becoming brittle and dry, treat it with Argan oil once a week.

Start by warming 7 to 8 drops of oil in your palms. Then, massage it slowly into your scalp. Make sure to apply to the ends. Now, wear a shower cap to retain your body heat and let the oil penetrate deep into the shaft. It will also keep your pillowcase free from the oil.

The next day, wash your hair as you usually would. Be sure you leave no signs of the oil. Do this once a week to keep your hair healthier.

5. Protect Your Hair Against Chemicals in the Pool.

Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair

Swimming pools contain chemicals like chlorine that have a bad effect on your hair. So, before you take a dip, take extra measures to protect your hair. First, rinse it with water and apply a few drops of Argan oil. Work it through the tips to seal moisture and create an instant barrier against chlorine and other harsh chemicals. Repeat the process every time you swim.

After swimming, make it a habit to wash and condition as well. Get a microfiber towel and dry your hair with it. Put a dime-sized of Argan oil in your palms. Warm it by rubbing them together. Massage it through your strands.

Finally, brush your hair using a wide-tooth comb to distribute the oil. Let your hair air dry. It would be a great idea to avoid heat styling tools.

6. Add Definition to those Curls.

Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair

Do you have curly hair? If that is the case, you can also use Argan oil to make your curls manageable and add definition to them.

Apply a couple of drops of Argan oil in your palm. Warm the oil and run your palms through your strands. Focus on the layers and the ends. And then, wrap your hair in a microfiber towel. Avoid rubbing the towel.

With continuous use, your curls will have more definition and will become stronger and more manageable.

7. Make Your Hair Shiny.

Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair

If you want to make your hair shinier and glowing, apply a few drops of this oil on your hair every day. It will eventually make your hair more lustrous and shinier. It will even contribute to a more glowing look.

Because the oil will instantly soak and penetrate into the hair fibers, your hair will get the essential nutrients it needs and have protection that lasts.

8. Protect Your Mane Against Sun Damage.

Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair

Do you always spend most of your time out in the sun? If so, apply 2 to 3 drops of Argan oil to your strands before stepping outside. Once you have distributed the oil from the roots to the ends, braid your hair to seal moisture. That's it!

9. Treat Hair Loss.

Top 9 Uses of Argan Oil for Hair

Lots of people suffer from hair loss. As a matter of fact, a huge percentage of the American population is experiencing it.

If you are a victim of this problem, relax. You may be in denial at first, but what’s important is you do something about it. To stop hair loss, apply Argan oil. It's an excellent remedy against hair loss. It even helps promote healthier hair growth.

Argan oil does a pretty great job at preventing hair loss as it ensures that you do not lose more hair follicles than you are able to grow. Studies have already been conducted to prove the effects of Argan oil on hair re-growth. It was found that it does magic at stimulating the scalp, thanks to its rich nutrient content.

The proper way to treat hair loss with Argan oil is to apply a few drops of the oil in your palm and massage it gently to your scalp in circular motions. Begin at the hairline and work your way back. Continue massaging the oil for 15 minutes to let the oil soak into your scalp and promote proper blood flow. Do this thrice a week and you will soon notice lesser hairs in the tub.

So, would you consider an Argan oil hair treatment? We suggest you should.