Top 10 Natural Leave in Conditioner Hacks You Deserve to Know

Top 10 Natural Leave in Conditioner Hacks You Deserve to Know

Are you using your favorite natural leave-in conditioner the right way? Think again. We’ve rounded up 10 handy hacks that are worth reading.

Many people are used to washing off conditioner after applying shampoo. However, some say it’s better to leave conditioner on hair after shower to keep your locks smooth and shiny. Well, each has her own reasons. But in case you are wondering why there are other women that has beautiful, glossy hair, the answer is a natural leave-in conditioner!

Learn more about natural leave-in conditioners, some hacks you need to know in using it to achieve that amazing, lustrous hair results.

What is a Natural Leave in Conditioner?

Top 10 Natural Leave in Conditioner Hacks You Deserve to Know

A natural leave in conditioner is a hair conditioning product that is applied after taking a shower and is left on the hair until the next washing. It is formulated to easily detangle knots and produce more moisture to keep the hair a little hydrated and more manageable. It also makes hair softer, shinier, and smoother, and prevents damaged dry hair.

Leave-in conditioners are available in the forms of thick liquids, gels, creams, and water-based sprays. When our hair is wet, it becomes more fragile. And if it is not properly hydrated, it will become susceptible to breakage. These situations call for the use of leave-in conditioners as they help fight any hair problem and keep it healthy.

To use, it is recommended to start applying the conditioner from the mid-lengths to the tips of hair, and never on the scalp. Why? That’s because the natural oil is stronger on the scalp and may cause your hair to look limp and greasier when it dries.

In addition, always check the label on your chosen leave-in conditioner before buying it to make sure it fits with your hair type. If you always have busy days and have no time to properly condition your hair, a natural leave-in conditioner should work wonders on your hair.

We know you’re very much excited to use a natural leave in conditioner. But before you do so, it pays to know these things first:

1. Know what your hair wants.

Top 10 Natural Leave in Conditioner Hacks You Deserve to Know

You might have already tried several leave-in conditioners. Some worked, but others unfortunately disappointed your hair. Now, what if you actually have a long and thick hair, but is super dry, and you used a product that doesn’t fit on your hair type? In that case, it’ll only get worse.

The point here is, as mentioned above, knowing your hair type and choosing the right conditioning product may be the solution to your problem. Remember, most of leave-in conditioners are made specifically for different hair types, such as damaged hair, color-treated hair, curly and frizzy hair, and so on.

Therefore, all you need to do is know what type of hair you have and check the labels of the leave-in conditioner product you will use. If possible, stick to one product if it works great on your hair. Feel free to check Osensia’s best shampoo products, which work on any hair type, and match it with our leave-in conditioning product.

2. Pay attention to your scalp.

Top 10 Natural Leave in Conditioner Hacks You Deserve to Know

Are you taking your scalp for granted? If the skin of your face and body needs much care, that’s exactly the same care your scalp needs, too. Neglecting your scalp may cause you to have dandruff, redness, and scalp irritations.

To prevent this, look for a leave-in conditioner product that contains Aloe Vera, pro Vitamin B5, and other moisturizing agents. These vitamins and minerals will help moisturize your scalp and reduce hair damage.

If you want amazing results, pair it with our O so Awakened Rejuvenation Mist. It doesn’t just moisturize scalp, but also gives you a healthy, shiny hair as it is extremely rich with nutrients, and helps fight dandruff and other scalp problems. It can also be used safely for face and body. So, it’s definitely worth the money!

3. Use a volumizing hair conditioning product if you have a fine, thin hair.

Top 10 Natural Leave in Conditioner Hacks You Deserve to Know

If there’s a volumizing shampoo, there’s also volumizing leave-in conditioner product, which perfectly works for anyone who has fine or thin hair.

Being born with thin hair may sound alarming, but don’t be so worried because some also experience hair loss as they age. That’s why there are volumizing hair care products invented to help prevent hair loss problems. These products will make your hair look fuller, thicker, and stronger naturally.

Curious about how a volumizing shampoo works? Try our O so Thick & Strong Shampoo! It perfectly works for any hair type and gives great performance on your hair. See it for yourself!

4. If you are born with thick hair with a coarse texture, stick to a creamier leave-in conditioner.

Top 10 Natural Leave in Conditioner Hacks You Deserve to Know

If your hair is thick and coarse, it is recommended to use a creamy conditioning product to make sure every strand of your hair has been applied. Coarse hair tends to be drier and needs more moisture, so have to go for heavy conditioning products that will help nourish natural oils.

Check out Osensia’s O so thick & Strong leave - In Cream that contains coconut oil, biotin, and botanical extracts. This product helps retain moisture, lifts & defines hair, and boosts shine. You can pair it with our best shampoos to achieve perfect locks as well.

5. Get your hair protected.

Top 10 Natural Leave in Conditioner Hacks You Deserve to Know

Chlorine is a chemical disinfectant that is used to kill any harmful bacteria and keep swimmers away from any infections. However, it can cause your hair to dry as it removes your hair and skin its natural oils.

Now, if you are in doubt to swim on the beach thinking it might damage your hair, there’s nothing to worry about. Only start to worry when you don’t wash your hair after swimming since that’ll result in weak and dull hair. Make sure you also don’t overexpose your hair from the sun if the sea water hasn’t been washed off yet. It’ll have a negative impact on your hair.

For those who have color-treated their hair, beach may have a negative result on you because the sea water opens up your hair cuticles, which will cause the color to fade and make it look dull. In case you don’t know, there are sea salt hair spray products invented to help style your hair when wet and give you a “Beachy” look, and beautiful waves. If you are planning to try sea spray products, check out Osensia’s O so Playful Sea Spray. Once you use it, you’ll going to love how it firmly holds your hair style even when wet.

Overall, look for a formula that will protect your scalp and your color-treated hair. Osensia has the O so Silver Shampoo that has the right ingredients you’re looking for and will help you maintain your lovely hair. Apply it before the leave-in conditioner and it will give you impressive results.

6. Give your hair a break from using leave-in conditioner.

Top 10 Natural Leave in Conditioner Hacks You Deserve to Know

Once you start applying leave-in conditioner on your hair, you don’t want to stop using it, especially if you are loving the results. But the sad truth here is, it’s not right to deep condition every day. Your hair needs a break from using shampoo daily. The same applies to using leave-in conditioners.

Regularly conditioning your hair may seem like a healthy practice for your hair, but that’s definitely not the case. It can actually create an unpleasant build-up and can do more damage than good. As much as possible, try using the leave-in conditioner 2-3 times a week.

7. Focus on the ends of your hair.

Top 10 Natural Leave in Conditioner Hacks You Deserve to Know

You may be confused which part of the hair must be applied with the leave-in conditioner. Some say it should start from roots to tips, and some say it has to be applied to the ends of the hair.

Well, the right thing to do is apply the conditioner from mid-lengths to the tips of your hair. That is the part that needs more moisture because it is where the strands are older. Applying the conditioner to the roots of your hair will help it weigh down naturally. If you have a dry hair, applying conditioner from the roots to tips may help restore its beauty.

8. If you have a curly hair, go with a hair care product that fights frizz.

Top 10 Natural Leave in Conditioner Hacks You Deserve to Know

Do you have curly hair? We understand how hard it is for you to fight the frizz. Fret not because you can protect your hair from those hair problems. How? Choose the right leave-in conditioner with a creamy formula, and match it with Osensia's O so Curly Shampoo.

These two products can naturally define your curls and make them frizz-free. Thanks to the grapefruit extract and avocado oil present on our products, your hair gets the moisture and hydration it deserves. If you want to achieve your ideal hairstyle, try our O so Wow Wave & Curl Boost. It will also firmly hold your lovely hairstyle throughout the day.

9. Gently comb your hair.

Top 10 Natural Leave in Conditioner Hacks You Deserve to Know

Hair care products are not the only reasons why our hair stays healthy and beautiful. The way we comb our hair also has an impact on how our crowning glory looks. But before you begin combing, we suggest you use a wide-tooth comb. Brush your hair gently first before getting into the shower. Doing so will help detangle the knots and reduce hair loss.

10. Protect your hair from environmental damage.

Top 10 Natural Leave in Conditioner Hacks You Deserve to Know

Shield your hair from your surroundings using Osensia’s O so Wow Detangler Primer. It is a UV protectant that helps your hair color from fading. Since it contains Aloe and chamomile, this product can help heal and soothe both hair and scalp. It also has pro Vitamin B5, which boosts shine and condition your hair.

Now, you’re officially an expert in using a leave-in conditioner. Use natural leave in conditioner wisely. Continue to keep your hair smooth, soft, and shiny. Have a great hair day!