Top 10 Best Curl Enhancing Products for Wavy Hair

Top 10 Best Curl Enhancing Products for Wavy Hair

Know what curl enhancing products that allow you to effortlessly transform your waves from boring to extravagant from this this informative post.

Everyone is starting to love curly hair once again. In fact, it’s already everywhere. So, if you are blessed to have natural curls, then lucky you as you won’t be needing heat styling tools, perm, and even rollers just to rock those waves. However, if you want to beautify and get the most of your locks, you will probably want to know the best curl enhancing products to tame them.

At Osensia, we want to share all products that can be used to help tame your curls along the way. Keep on scrolling to know more about the products that can enhance and perfect your curly hair.

Best Curl Enhancing Products Wavy Hair Infographics

Best Curl Enhancing Products Wavy Hair Infographics

1. Shampoos and Conditioners

Here is something you should know about curls: they need lots of moisture. And here’s another fact about most shampoos and conditioners: they are packed with harsh chemicals called sulfates that eliminate moisture from the curls, leaving them brittle and dry.

Top 10 Best Curl Enhancing Products for Wavy Hair

Lucky for you, there are shampoos and conditioners that make curls very happy, shiny, bouncy, and hydrated. Do a quick search online. You can find a plethora of shampoos and conditioners that are best for curly hair. Once you choose the best shampoos and conditioners for your curly hair, your kinky locks should receive the nourishment, texture, and hydration they deserve.

2. Hair Masks and Treatments

Top 10 Best Curl Enhancing Products for Wavy Hair

Heat damage and excess manipulation can cause your curls to look lifeless, dull, and brittle. Sometimes, external elements even get the best of your locks. Regardless of your woes, there is surely a way to revive your dull, lifeless coils: hair masks and treatments.

When combined with superfoods and nourishing oils, your curls should improve and look so much better. Damage due to over-styling can also be reversed!

3. Natural Leave-in Conditioners

Yes, they may sound like just your ordinary hair conditioner, but they aren’t. They are actually made extra special for curly hair.

Although there is an overwhelming number of hair products for curly hair on the market, natural leave in conditioners remain to be a favorite. That is because they are the easiest ways to give curls the TLC they need.

Top 10 Best Curl Enhancing Products for Wavy Hair

To use, squeeze out an ample amount of your chosen leave-in conditioner into your hand. Slowly comb it through your wet strands after shampooing. That's pretty much it. By the way, it is best used as a base for your hair styling products because it gives you a frizz-free foundation.

4. Hair Mist

Top 10 Best Curl Enhancing Products for Wavy Hair

Sometimes, your coils just need a boost. The good news is that there are hair mists that can help bring out the best in your curls in a matter of minutes. They're the perfect products that can save you during days when you’re late for work.

Spritz a bit of hair mist over your hair and slowly work through your curls with your fingers. You'll be surprised at how alive your curls will be. If you are using a hair mist alongside other hair care products, make this product the finale.

5. Hair Serum with Argan Oil for Curly Hair

Hair serums generally work for all hair types, but they work especially well on wavy hair. After towel drying your curls, apply a dime-sized amount of hair serum in your palm. Next, apply it evenly to your curls from the mid-lengths to the tips. If you have longer and thicker hair, add more hair serum.

Top 10 Best Curl Enhancing Products for Wavy Hair

This hair serum with argan oil is best used during days when your curls feel dry and require an instant, smooth fix. Always carry with you your favorite hair serum so you can quickly apply a pinch to your ends to tame your stubborn curls.

6. Dry Shampoos

Top 10 Best Curl Enhancing Products for Wavy Hair

If you are like most curly-haired gal, you know that it isn’t easy to maintain healthy, clean curls. Although they say keeping curls intact is a struggle, with the right products, you can definitely get by.

Well, there are also rumors that dry shampoos are quite like a “use at your own risk” feat for curly hair. But we’re here to bring out the truth. It's just about how you use it. When done perfectly, you will realize that dry shampoos are actually the holy grail for curls.

There are some important rules to follow when using dry shampoo on curls. First, you have to choose the correct product. At Osensia, we recommend you use a dry shampoo that contains natural ingredients. It absorbs oil, odor, and sweat without residue. Not to mention, they work wonders on curls, too!

Next, apply it to your curls. You have to shake the bottle first. Hold it at a certain distance away from your head and start spraying from the roots. Wait for 30 seconds before spraying again. This will allow the dry shampoo to do its task of absorbing sweat, oil, and odor.

7. Hair Curl Detanglers

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In a surreal world, moms do the tedious task of combing through hair full of tangles. But in a real world, knotty hair is everybody’s problem. And worse, we have to deal with it. Then again, with a bit of patience and the right hair curl detanglers, there will be no twists or snarls. Tangles won’t even stand a chance.

Just like other products in this list, there are many hair curl detanglers out there, leaving you with so many options. However, at the end of the day, you get to choose. No matter what brand you get, the application directions are almost similar.

After towel drying your hair, spray the hair curl detangler from your roots to the tips. After which, comb through. Slowly work your way up and style as you would.

8. Curl Defining Creams

Top 10 Best Curl Enhancing Products for Wavy Hair

Women with natural, thick curls will be happy to know that there are hair curl creams. These products are best used on curly hair that is usually styled into twists, braids, or bantu knots as they eliminate frizz and keep the strands intact.

To use, you usually apply it to damp hair. Put a pinch of the best curl cream for curly hair that you know at your fingertips. And then, gently massage it on your curls. The secret to using this product is to start off with a tiny amount in your hand. As you go along, add more if needed. For best results, it is best that you style your curls at night and sleep on your curls. In the morning, you should wake up with soft and shiny curls.

Take note, though these days, there are plenty of hair care products that claim to be the best curl cream for wavy hair. While some of them work, others are only false marketing schemes. Do not fall onto those fraud ads and do your research. Read the labels, too! That way, you can ensure you are really getting the best curl defining cream for your waves.

9. Hair Dryer Diffuser

The curly hairstyles you see on the runways and red carpets appear elegant and full of volume, but if you are a naturally curly-haired gal, you know that maintaining those curls is far from easy breezy.

Top 10 Best Curl Enhancing Products for Wavy Hair

Now, if you want to bring out the best of your curls and put an end to your hours-long hair care regimen, all you need is a tiny attachment to your hair dryer. It's called hair dryer diffuser, which is also called a heaven-sent for curly girls.

A hair dryer diffuser is basically an item you attach to a blow dryer, which works to reduce frizz that results in naturally air-drying curly hair. With this item, you can instantly give your curls the boost they need and keep them from lying flat.

To use, just strap the diffuser onto your hair dryer and be prepared for an amazing hair ahead. Blow dry as you normally would.

10. Microfiber Towel

Many of us are guilty of using regular cotton towel when drying our curls. But did you know that these towels only do harm to our hair?

Regular cotton towels are known to have a coarse texture that eliminate more moisture than needed from the hair. As a result, the strands become frizzy and the cuticles are often lifted. They also make the strands rougher and trigger other issues like split ends and breakage.

Top 10 Best Curl Enhancing Products for Wavy Hair

Now, if you have been using cotton towels to dry your hair, it’s time to stop. Even if your curls are in good shape, cotton towels aren’t doing you any good. So, what is a much better alternative to cotton towels? Microfiber towels.

Microfiber towels do a great job at absorbing all the excess moisture in your strands while keeping texture intact. To use, simply wrap your curls in these towels and leave it on for around 15 minutes. Better yet, use the towel to scrunch your curls. It will instantly absorb the excess water and give your curls the volume and body at once.

We hope that you love all the best curl enhancing products we recommended for you. Just so you know, there are still other products out there that do wonders on curly hair. If you know any, please feel free to share them with us. We'd be happy to hear from you.