We need to talk... the bell tolls for thee

We need to talk... the bell tolls for thee

A great portion of our overall well-being (physical, mental, and emotional) depends on waking up to the world-as-we-know-it. How will you cope if that changes?

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Anne Whitaker shares, in an article in the Dec 2020 / Jan 2021 edition of The Mountain Astrologer, that there were warnings before the shift of the Jupiter-Saturn grand conjunction from the Fire into the Earth signs ~200 years ago, and there have been warnings before the upcoming move (of this grand conjunction) from the Earth to the Air signs.

In a nutshell, we were warned to tame our fire, and to become responsible for what we create!

The shift from Fire to Earth was followed by a series of revolutions, and the creation (and addiction to) the industrialized, factory schooled, capitalist way of life. We took from the Earth, and created all kinds of stuff, to sell to each other, again and again and again.

Now we are being warned, of how much we have taken from the Earth, and some Vedic astrologers are predicting revolutions again, see: https://youtu.be/lKpPaKIvN5c

Revolutions can be good, because it means that people are waking up, but revolutions can be bad, because many people suffer and many people die. I'm not really a fan of people suffering and dying over money and stuff, are you?

As I write this, I look at the toys all over our house, knowing that nothing is created or destroyed, only transformed, and I wonder: was it worth it to turn the Earth's resources into all these items, and can we turn these items back into the Earth when we are done?

As I worry about our accumulation of stuff, my husband buys more stuff: to light up the kids' faces, so they can still have a fun Christmas. This year, I think I will mostly be celebrating the return of the light, please the return of the light.

Another topic to discuss is this upcoming vack-seen. Take a look at this schedule (and then add an annual coh-vid vack-seen):

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Changes to the vack-seen schedule for kids across the years

Do we really want to do this to our children?

I understand, the elderly, at-risk, and asleep feel they need this vack-seen to go back to life as usual, but should we go back? And, how do we make it ok for some people to take this vack-seen (if they want to), and others to say "hard pass!"?

Our two older kids were vack-seen-eighted until age 18 months (I didn't know any better) and our youngest was not vack-seen-eighted at all. Our youngest is far more clear-eyed and capable than the first two. The rise in childhood illness is certainly connected to how much garbage we have injected into their veins (and how brainwashed we have become, which results in us thinking we are right to condition them toward a life of illness). I don't think an awake grandparent wants that for their grandchild, yet, so few are awake.

I am also saddened to know many people who have beat cancer without key-moe or ray-dee-ation, and yet don't think they can survive the coh-row-nah virus, what a PR nightmare!

From a Medical Astrology perspective, an imbalance in the Earth elements leads to all kinds of gunk built up in our bodies, intestines, and joints.

The consequence of this build up of garbage in our bodies is: having difficulty processing out something like the coh-row-nah virus. Especially if you mask up to prevent the exhalation of toxins. Adding more garbage to a garbage filled body sounds like a bad idea to me, what about you?

Here is something I use regularly to support my family to detox: "Prepare your body for the Corona Virus" also go here for some great tips: "Your Health Toolkit" in particular Rose's work with the Medical Medium to reduce viral load!

So, what are we going to talk about, if you should decide you want to talk?

-> How do we unplug from the system without shock?

I know my extended family would be in absolute shock if they lost their savings, their stuff, and their medication. I don't even know how much we rely on these things. The kids and I rarely use medication, if at all, but we certainly have stuff, and earn money. We are striking a much better balance with the school system, see: "Transmuting the school system, to support everyone!"

A few words from my Astrology co-teacher Stan:

What appears to be struggling right now (or pretty much dying), according to Anne (in the article mentioned above), are industries and structures, which were the big winners during that time, and which were also heavily dependent on quick and easy access to natural resources, and their fast processing, into manufactured goods.

There is no doubt in my mind that you and your family will transition safely, with some minor bumps along the way, but there could be huge struggles on the collective level.

The younger will find it easier to adapt, but it will take time.

The older may have a tough time adapting, but I think at that point the age factor may not matter as much as our individual attachments to today's reality.

The key factor, for me, would be a slow and gradual unplugging, and an equally slow easing into the new reality, which hopefully won't be about all of us sitting at home, pretending to have a social life through Skype and Zoom!

Based on how we have handled things in the past, we don't go slow and easy into anything, unless we are pushed into it by forces beyond our control.

I don't believe that our transition and our future need to be grim or painful for a long time. I believe we will suffer some consequences (some smaller, some greater), with regard to our collective obsessions, with the physical dimension and the "Earthy stuff".

The new Air dominance may help offset this, and may shift our focus to more intellectual pursuits, at least for the next few years, or until we reach our next fork in the road ahead.

I also believe that we can influence the future, by projecting our thoughts and our ideas for a better, kinder world, by us writing and brainstorming about it.

How can astrology help?

Well, we could at least see where this is coming from. Nothing is static in this life, even though some of us may like it to be.

- The balance of the modes and elements in your chart,

- the placement of your natal and transiting Saturn, and

- maybe even your Mars

... can offer some clues of:

- where it hurts,

- what we need to do,

- why we see life the way we do, and

- why we are the way we are right now.

There's lots more, but that's a good start!

If you want to start talking about how we can wake up on Dec 21st 2020, with more peace and confidence in our hearts, reach out: alahnnaa18@yourlifeplan.ca

We are setting up groups of up to 4 participants (plus 2 teachers), $60pp or $100 for two participants, to look at your unique astrology, to guide you through this time. You don't have to meet on or before Dec 21st, any time you meet will give you the clarity you seek. You won't regret it!

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The Bell Tolls for YOU! Its time to wake up!


*The author of this poem was born with his natal sun in Aquarius, the Air sign that is expected to change our fate, at least for the next ~200yrs.