Using Astrology (and more) to integrate a walk-in soul

Using Astrology (and more) to integrate a walk-in soul

Watch these two videos to learn about what a walk-in is, what modalities can be supportive, and where my heart lies in supporting others. You can heal too!

With guest Valerie Inksetter of (who I am so blessed to call a friend and collaborator!).

Video 1 (Dec 13th, 2020):

Video 2 (Dec 14th, 2020):

I hope this is helpful, enlightening, and informative. I know this information can be a shock. Life is hard enough right now for many, and I have heard alot of "I can't because...". That is the old way of thinking for many. It's your life, these are your kids. You decide what is best. This is just my experience and recommendations on the topic, for health, and wholeness, for peace in our hearts, and passion in our belly and soul!

Go here to learn about Courses and Healing Options. Note, from about 23min onward in the 2nd video, it should have been showing this courses page, it stayed on the slide show, but you can go to the courses page yourself and hear me guide you through it with my voice. If you get stuck, reach out and we can book a free 15min to see if something may be a fit for you or someone you love: book online.

Love and bless always, no matter what you decide to do!