The possible link between child eating preference and brain function

The possible link between child eating preference and brain function

Did you know that allowing your child to eat in a way that is natural for them may actually enhance their brain development?

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In the practice of Human Design, we each have a way of eating that is most suited to the development and function of our brain, our unique skills, and our health and well being. According to Human Design founder Ra Uru Hu, if we allow our children to eat in a way that is aligned with their Human Design from birth, they will not experience the normal neural shutdown that commonly occurs at age 3yrs, and instead will have neural development until age 7yrs.

My kids' natural way of eating, according to their Human Design, is as follows:

• My 5.5yr old son wants to eat the same thing day after day, until his "season" changes, and if he refuses to eat something, it is because it is not good for him and I should allow him to spit it out and not force him to eat it (including vegetables!)

• My 2.5yr old daughter wants to eat all of her ingredients separate (meat, then cheese, then bread, meat not mixed in with rice, pasta plain etc)

We all know people like this and we call them "picky". Often parents are advised to keep forcing their kids to eat what and how the adults eat until they "conform". The problem is often kids “conform” and forget who they are. Not only that, they develop food sensitivities, illnesses, brain chemical imbalances, sleep problems, and potentially early neural shut down.

I would never advise someone to restrict their child's diet because of what is in their Human Design! But, if a child is tending to want to eat a certain way, and it is in their Human Design to do so, I encourage parents to experiment with whether it would be possible to allow the child to eat in a way that is natural for them.

Like I said, my son eats ZERO vegetables, but he is the healthiest kid by far of all his friends.

He is also not showing interest in working on learning to read at age 5/6yrs, even though he would love to acquire this skill, like his peers.

I know many parents would worry that this is not a good sign. But, I have read a lot about reading readiness, and reading naturally occurs around age 7/8yrs old, on average, especially among parents who practice self-directed learning - which is to allow the child to decide when and what to learn, at their own natural pace and time.

Instead of learning to read, at this time, my son is exploding in his 3D building skills, his understanding of complex emotions and how people transition from one state to another, and other complex rule structures.

To me, this sounds like neural expansion, that is not quite ready to focus and conform to the two dimensional world of reading and writing. And that to me is ok. There will be plenty of time for reading, once his brain is done expanding!

You Have A Life Plan

You Have A Life Plan

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You Have A life Plan, Live Life with Grace and Ease