How to parent with true Acceptance, Love, and Power

How to parent with true Acceptance, Love, and Power
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Life is a journey, and parenting is a journey. Alahnnaa of You Have a Life Plan, can support you to parent with Acceptance, Love, and Power.

We live in a society that makes parents feel like if they don't do X, they are doing it wrong, and damaging their child for life. Here's another perspective...

Even though I wrote the article "Parents - We are perfect for our kids! Lets cut ourselves some slack!", and I believe 100% that we are perfect for our kids (they chose us as their parents for a reason), I think it is also true that none of us are perfect.

Life is a journey, and parenting is a journey.

Here is one way to see how you are doing:

Go here, choose any of the table images, and look at the Level and the Emotion columns:

• What kind of parenting strategies are you using?

• Is it mostly Shame, Guilt, and Fear?

• Are you surprised to see that Anger is higher up on the scale than Shame, Guilt, and Fear?

To me, Anger being higher up on the scale suggests that it may be better to be honest with your child and tell them that you are feeling Frustrated or Angry, and then take a break before addressing the issue at hand, than it is to use Guilt, Shame, or Fear to try to get compliance.

What do you think?


"Transcending the levels of consciousness" by Dr David R Hawkins gives you a very good sense of where you are at and what it takes to raise yourself to the next level. His other book, Power vs Force, is more academic and a proof of concept, for those who prefer that level of proof and research before getting into a topic/strategy.

Why do I bring all this up, given the work that I do?

You may ask yourself: How can I parent using the higher principles of Acceptance, Peace, Love, Joy, and Neutrality, when our society is so focused on Fear, Guilt, Shame, Desire, and Pride?

The way you do this is by knowing who you are parenting.

By looking at your child's Soul Contract, Human Design, Gene Keys, and Astrology, you can see how they are built and what is likely to be in store for them in life.

You can also use Divine Healing to release your own limiting beliefs, and clear whatever may be disturbing your child's ability to shine.

Are you interested in this level of Freedom and Joy for your family?

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to learn more.

If you took the time to read this article, I can assure you, no one is better at raising your child than you! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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