Alternative Mental Health services at The Mystic Tree

Alternative Mental Health services at The Mystic Tree

There are SO many alternative modalities and practitioners out there, but who can you TRUST? Especially when it comes to your Mental Health!

A lot of people suffer from Mental Health issues. Sometimes these mental health issues are actually your body (or soul's) attempt to get you onto your TRUE life path.

If you go the medical route, you may get a diagnosis and medication. This will not remove the issue, it will only mask it. And your life is likely to stay stagnant or go downhill.

For some people, that is the route they will take, and that is ok.

For those looking for a more loving explanation, this is where The Mystic Tree can come in to support you.

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist, human design, soul contract, gene keys, astrology, divine healing, mental health, understanding emotions

Alahnnaa Campbell

One of our practitioners, Alahnnaa Campbell, has a Masters of Science looking at how chronic stress dysregulates the biochemical systems in our bodies, resulting in physical and mental illness.

She also has lived experience with trauma, mental health issues, and learning disabilities.

The root of all her problems were stress, due to lack of love, support, safety, self-acceptance (because, we are all a work in progress), and having no one to recognize or guide her on her spiritual path.

All of these things can be found at The Mystic Tree.

Practitioners like Alahnnaa, can show you exactly:

• WHY you have certain life experiences

• WHAT to do about these experiences to translate them into your GIFTS.

• How you IMPACT others and how THEY impact you

• So you can navigate life with more awareness, grace, and ease.

If you are ready to embrace and engage with your life, go here to book a free no obligation 15min consultation with Alahnnaa Campbell.

Let her know you found out about her services through The Mystic Tree. Lets build our community!

There is a purpose for each and every one of us!