Best Health Footwear For 2021 and Surprising Benefits of Wearing Them

Best Health Footwear For 2021 and Surprising Benefits of Wearing Them

The health condition of your feet depends on the footwear that you wear.

The health condition of your feet depends on the footwear that you wear. In an era where most of them consider design and style of footwear more, other factors such as comfort and most importantly, foot health are overlooked when choosing a pair of footwear, which should not be the case. There comes the relevance of health footwear. Besides healthy food, exercise, sound sleep and managing stress, such footwear has a key role in determining the health factor of your feet. Health footwear is the best alternative treatment to alleviate the signs and symptoms related to various health conditions.

Here are some of the Health footwear picks by Walkaroo, which can enhance your overall feeling of well-being.

Walkaroo Men’s Health Slippers

Do you want to get your feet rubbed without spending a fortune? With these acupressure slippers by Walkaroo, you can simply slip them on and off after a long day and rewind. The slippers possess an elegant design and are extremely comfortable on the feet.


These slippers by Walkaroo features a v-shaped thong, soft and petite massage balls which help stimulate your feet.

Added to that, these slippers are odour resistant, lightweight and dries faster.

The light massage intensity of these slippers makes it practical all-day footwear as well as a recovery option after a gym activity.

Owing to the water-friendly characteristics of these slippers, they are ideal for indoor and outdoor usage.

These slippers, which you can afford below INR 200, are lightweight and washable for extra comfort and feet health.

Walkaroo Women’s Health Slippers


Designed to soothe feet and alleviate pain owing to various medical conditions, these affordable health slippers include massage buttons for longer wear.

The soft synthetic material with which the slippers are made of, is very lightweight for extra comfort.

These acupressure slippers may first feel uncomfortable upon wearing, but it subsides when you wear it for a while. The massage buttons are distributed evenly for enhanced comfortability.

The massage buttons massage your nerve endings in order to remove harmful toxins from your body. It also goes a long way in improving blood circulation, preventing leg cramps as well as alleviating tension.

Slip on to Walkaroo women’s health slippers and you can enjoy a professional feet massage when you walk. The slippers are durable and affordable in lieu of massaging your feet every time on your own. Non-slip construction and lightweight, these Black Women’s health slippers also make for a perfect gift to anyone. When you count on Walkaroo women’s slippers, you can enjoy a foot massage all the while at the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

Walkaroo Women’s Health Slippers

Nothing is more cosy to wear in the winter and summer, than these Women’s health slippers. The best thing about them is that you can buy them in medium and larger sizes. The footwear is available in both pink and chocolate brown colours. You can wear them anywhere- in your home, or outdoors and even in the bathroom.


These health slippers by Walkaroo are made out of durable plastic, featuring a non-slip design and dry off quickly.

They don’t leave any stench as well. They are characterised by a simple slip-on design with a v-shaped thong.

You will feel far more relaxed and better after a while wearing them. Also, they slide into your feet which makes it easier to don them on and off.

This pair of Walkaroo women’s health slippers comes at an affordable price. After a longspun and tiring day, you can slip them on for a soothing experience to rejuvenate your tired feet. The slippers are available in an attractive pink colour with floral designs on the footbed. The designs are stunning and you can enjoy a regular nerve ending massage without spending a fortune.

A great value for money and indeed more durable.

The Benefits of Wearing Health Footwear For Your Feet

Here are five surprising benefits of wearing health footwear:

They energise your foot for prolonged hours while you stand or walk.

Warms up your feet for extra strength

Alleviates feet, back and knee ache

Protects muscles and joints

Corrects both body and feet position

Everything about great well-being begins from the right pair of health footwear. We at Walkaroo assume how vital it is for you to wear health footwear which is comfortable enough, since we do care for your health. We stock an affordable collection of comfortable health footwear- named as Walkaroo care+. Shop for health footwear from Walkaroo, which looks great on you, yet maintains your good health. Enjoy the absolute pleasure of striding in health footwear and that too from the comfort of your home!

Grab your next pair here.