Could this upcoming ICO by an African Company be a long-needed solution?

Could this upcoming ICO by an African Company be a long-needed solution?
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XTEM Coin will be one of the safest digital payment gateways. XTEM Coin will have potential use as an intermediary crypto settlement tool

There have been some market corrections for the cryptocurrency market in 2018, but everyone agrees that the best is yet. Many market activities have made the market more positive. Any investor in the crypto market can make millions with the right analysis and a dose of optimism. The cryptocurrency market will not be going away shortly. This article will highlight five positive factors that can encourage innovation and market value in cryptocurrency.

Innovation in scaling

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to hit the market. It has the most significant number of users and the highest value. It controls the entire cryptocurrency value chain. It has its limitations. It can handle six to seven transactions every second. This is the main problem. Credit card transactions average around a few thousand per minute. There are opportunities to improve the scale of transactions. The peer-to-peer transaction networks built on blockchain technology can increase the transaction volume per minute.

Although there is a stable XTEM Coin on the market, newer coins have been created to fulfill a specific purpose. Some coins address cybersecurity issues by offering encrypted digital vaults that can store the money.

New ICOs have innovative solutions that disrupt existing markets and add new value to the transactions. Their easy-to-use exchanges, reliable backend operations, and authority are helping them gain market recognition. They innovate in both technology and the financial market by offering more options and freedom to investors on the exchange.

Clarity about regulation

The current situation is that most governments are studying how cryptocurrencies can impact society and the benefits they could bring to the whole community. It is possible to expect reasonable conclusions from the results of these studies.

Many governments have not yet taken steps to regulate and legalize crypto markets as any other market. This will protect innocent retail investors from loss and keep them safe. Expect to see 2018 the introduction of new, more restrictive regulations to boost cryptocurrency growth. This could lead to widespread adoption shortly

Increased application

The application of blockchain technology to almost any industry is receiving a lot of enthusiasm. Innovative solutions are being developed by startups, such as digital wallets or debit cards that support cryptocurrencies. This will increase the number of XTEM Coin merchants willing to transact with cryptocurrencies, which will lead to an increase in the number of users.

With more trust placed in crypto assets, the reputation of this transaction medium will grow. Although some startups may fail, they will contribute to the overall health and growth of the market by creating competition and innovation.

Investment through financial institutions

Many international banks are keeping an eye on the cryptocurrency market. This could result in institutional investors being drawn into the market. The next phase of growth in crypto markets will be driven by the inflow of large-scale institutional investments. It is a popular choice for financial institutions and banks.

❖ These computer programs allow you to trade and buy cryptocurrencies most conveniently. They work to maximize their users' profits and provide a long-term advantage. The bots analyze market conditions and execute trades using predefined algorithms. It is important to note that you are free to create your parameters. This will make it possible to carry out different transactions. This type of software can respond nearly a thousand times faster than a human and thus is very efficient.

❖ Scalping programs enable their users to make more money in sideways marketplaces. This allows scalpers to purchase something at a lower price and then resell it for a much higher price.

❖ Bots can be described as machines that analyze prices across multiple exchanges to find price discrepancies and profit.

After you've decided to put cryptocurrency trading bots to work, it is time to think about which one can best address your business needs. Keep in mind that each bot will have its requirements regarding software and hardware. Be sure to consider all factors before you make your decision.

Don't invest too much

First, you shouldn't invest more than you can afford to lose. This means that it shouldn't be more than you need to cover your daily routine. You shouldn't lose your investment if it happens. It is not a good idea if you take out a loan to purchase cryptocurrency.

Study the subject first

It is essential to do your research before investing. It is not an intelligent move to invest money in something you do not know. But this doesn't necessarily mean you should be an expert to make this investment. Understanding the basics of the industry is all you need.