Automate Your Parking with Wohr

Automate Your Parking with Wohr

As one of the world’s leading car parking systems manufacturers in India, Wohr offers a diverse range of semi-automatic and automatic car parking systems

As urban areas are faced with an acute shortage of parking spaces and soaring land costs, multilevel car parking systems can be considered a pertinent solution. It is quite difficult to find an unoccupied parking space in large car parks, and the parking and retrieval of vehicles take up a lot of time. Also, the management of parking lots poses a significant challenge in crowded towns and cities. Well-trained manpower that can secure and manage the systems is hard to find and expensive too.

The advent of automatic car parking systems brings about a major solution to these problems.

Features of Automatic Parking Systems

Car parking systems can be automated by the application of cutting-edge technology. With a number of features, they:

  • Allow users to locate an empty parking space quickly
  • Keep track of the activity in the parking lot
  • Permit only registered users to enter the parking system
  • Display the number of available parking spots
  • Have an orderly entry and exit point
  • Record, analyse and store data on parking activities
  • Safeguard and secure the car from theft and vandalism

Applications of Automatic Parking Systems

  • Residential buildings
  • Hotels
  • Offices/Commerical complexes
  • Shopping malls
  • Showrooms
  • Universities
  • Government buildings
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Stadiums

Advantages of Automatic Parking Systems

Automated Parking Systems come with many advantages, including:

  • Increased security for users
  • Efficient parking process
  • No need to drive around looking for a parking space - leading to reduced emissions
  • Patrons wait for their car in a safe locationReduced chances of vandalism and theft
  • Reduced chances of vandalism and theftMinimal operational staff required
  • Minimal operational staff required
  • Decreased retrieval timeGets rid of the need for valet parking
  • Gets rid of the need for valet parking

Automatic Car Parking Systems from Wohr

Wohr’s most sought-after automatic car parking system is the Combiparker 555. This system employs the time-tested principle of stacking and moving cars closer together to multiply parking spaces. The Combiparker 555 can create even more space with up to 8 levels one above the other and up to 7 grids placed next to each other.

The parking levels consist of specially designed sliding carrier units on which vehicles are parked. Every second grid consists of transport lifts that allow for the raising and lowering of vehicles. These grids are also the entrances and exits from the parking system.

Highlights of the Combiparker 555

  • Compact parking in up to 8 levels
  • Arrangement of 3-7 grids next to each other
  • Possibility of different car heights on different levels
  • Carrying capacity of 2000 kg available
  • Combination of stacking and moving cars closer togetherIndependent parking system
  • Independent parking system
  • Cost-effective designHigh operational and functional safety following EN norms
  • High operational and functional safety following EN norms
  • Ease of operation

Another of Wohr’s offerings is the world-renowned automatic parking system - the Slimparker 557 Tower. This system brings with it the option of up to 23 above-ground parking spaces on highly constricted and lengthy floor plans. The cars are transported to one of the 6 parking levels per system by a central vertical lift located in the transfer area. Each parking level can accommodate up to 4 cars.

Highlights of the Slimparker 557 Tower

  • Automatic parking for up to 23 cars
  • Carrying capacities of 2000 and 2600 kgs per platform
  • Narrow gaps are fully covered
  • Small footprint and slim construction
  • No need for ramps and driveways
  • Slender installation width of 280 cm - can be extended to 310 cm in steps of 10 cm
  • Different car heights from 150 cm to 200 cm can be parked
  • Developers can decide the facade design they want to use


Automatic car parking systems present themselves as the most salient solution to reduce parking problems in highly-populated urban areas. Wohr is at the forefront of the automatic car parking system industry, and comes with a long and illustrious legacy, so why go with any other brand?

As one of the world’s leading car parking systems manufacturers in India, Wohr offers a diverse range of semi-automatic and automatic car parking systems that cater to different requirements and budgets. Wohr also has a practice of collaborating with architects and builders from conception to completion and suggests customized solutions for the optimum use of limited space.

With more than 125,000 parking spaces successfully installed in India, Wohr’s reputation and expertise are well established. Puzzle parking system, stack car parking, hydraulic car parking, tower parking solutions, turntable parking - Wohr possesses a veritable plethora of car parking solutions. Every Wohr system is based on decades of experience, advanced technological expertise, and problem-free performance on the ground.

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