What Are Limo Companies Doing to Keep the Passengers Safe in Toronto?

What Are Limo Companies Doing to Keep the Passengers Safe in Toronto?

No life has been left untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the travel restrictions making life especially difficult for those who simply can’t stay home. With public transit being notoriously unsafe due to the lack of distancing or any way to enforce safety measures, Toronto Taxi Companies are picking up the slack.

And our company and Limo Service Toronto is no exception of course and is taking strict measures to ensure the safety and comfort of our riders and employees. As a result, riders who make use of our Limousine Service Toronto are enjoying superior service and peace of mind. Here is how we are making sure of it.

Safety Rules for Drivers or Chauffeurs

Our Limo Service Toronto vehicles get disinfected before and after every ride. This rule is critically important and allows every rider to enter a car where every surface you will be contacting has been wiped clean. Those surfaces include seats, door panels and handles, window operating buttons, ceiling lights and air vents.

We conduct driver health screening using no-touch thermometers prior to every workday in order to minimize the risk of having employees transmitting the virus unknowingly. It is part of our company policy to give our chauffeurs time to recover even if it's only a suspicion, so as to minimize the risk to riders and other employees.

Physical distancing is also an important part of our policy. First and foremost, the front passenger seat will always remain vacant so that the driver and passengers do not come into direct contact. In addition, it is strongly advised to travel in small groups of no more than two people that share a household. Our Limo Service Toronto drivers will assist with luggage upon request but will do so with utmost caution and we'll use sanitizer on their hands and every surface they touch.

Our Limousine Service Toronto drivers we'll keep the AC or heating system off the recirculation setting to allow fresh air into the vehicle. If the weather permits, they will also try to keep a window open at least a crack to make sure the interior is well ventilated. The idea is that a little discomfort during the right is well worth the safety that it provides in the longer-term.

A few additional measures of precaution our Limo Service Toronto is happy to offer include complimentary disposable masks, alcohol hand wipes and hand sanitizer making those available to our riders.