Wilhelm Lilliehook Comapany's Team Members

Wilhelm Lilliehook Comapany's Team Members

Get all the inforamtion about the team members of Wilhelm Lilliehook's Company - Kelcas Oil. This team have the experienced and skilled professionals.

Wilhelm Lilliehook purchased Kelcas in Owensboro, Kentucky, in 2000. The family of companies–originally founded in 1988–specialized in oil exploration, production, and servicing.

And Wilhelm Lilliehöök continues to focus most of his efforts on Kelcas’ exploration and production, but is also working to develop an economical, environmentally friendly methodof extracting oil from tar sand.

The family of Wilhelm Lilliehook lives overseas. He enjoys boating, working on cars, 20thcentury European history, and international travel.

Team Members of Wilhelm Lilliehook's Company

1) Flo Mata - Vice President of Operations - Kelcas

Florencio Mata graduated from the University of Tulsa in 1975 with a BS in Geophysics/Geology, and has completed graduate work in Petroleum Engineering.

With over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Mr. Mata began his careerwith Amerada Petroleum Corporation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He held various managementpositions with Santa Fe Energy Company in Amarillo, Texas, most of which entailedexploration.

2) Peter Ekman - Project Development - Kelcas

Peter Ekman is actively engaged in searching and developing new assets for Wilhelm Lilliehook company 'Kelcas'. A part-owner in Kelcas, he brings a wealth of knowledge from his 30+ year career as an international crude oil trader. After obtaining a Masters ofScience from the Royal Academy of Technology in Stockholm, Peter went on to manage over320,000 barrels per day in comb capacity, also creating and supplying feedstock mix toseveral refineries in Sweden, where he spent the majority of his career.

3) Charles Raymond - Acquisitions and Land Management - Kelcas

Charles is a veteran landman, having begun his career in the Appalachian Basin in 1978. He led Raymond Land Service, Inc. until 1986, serving a broad portfolio of clients includingQuaker State Oil Company and Berea Oil & Gas. Eventually, he took his team in-house at Belden and Blake, where he contributed to realizing approximately $400 million in annualrevenue. Up until 1996, Charles was responsible for lease operations of over 8,000 wells and over 10,000 leases spanning 1.3M acres.

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