How to Hire Cheap Virtual Assistants Online for Any Size Business in New York

How to Hire Cheap Virtual Assistants Online for Any Size Business in New York

It is well documented that the sales industry has a high turnover rate which can account for lost time and revenue spent on rehiring and training.

Bill Gates has been quoted as saying: “You need a strong team, because a mediocre team gives mediocre results, no matter how well managed it is”. To that point, many small businesses must realize that there comes a time when the daily to-do list is just too long. There are too many clients to on board, too many emails to draft and to answer, and too many marketing campaigns to launch. There are just too many behind the scenes things waiting to get done.

Fortunately, there is help. For busy growing businesses, hiring a virtual assistant online can alleviate a lot of pressure at the office. Virtual assistants, or VAs as they are referred to in the industry, are remote contractors hired to take on the odd jobs at your company so you can free up time to focus on maximizing your business’s growth and potential.

A Virtual Assistance might focus on one specific set of administrative tasks or serve as a jack-of-all-trades. Delegating work to a VA will help you grow your business leaving you to the more important tasks that need your attention.

Here are a few common indicators that tell you it is time to start delegating tasks to a virtual assistant:

You are running out of the energy needed to make your business grow, especially if a lot of your time is spent doing repetitive or tedious tasks like replying to comments on social media or answering customer service emails.

You are losing customers or clients because you have not been able to respond to emails in a timely manner. Once you start losing money because you are not keeping up with your email, you need help. Losing clients is not an option for a growing business.

Stop doing tasks you are not good at or do not really enjoy.

Spend more time on what you love doing – isn’t that why you started your business in the first place? If you enjoy some of those repetitive tasks, then by all means keep doing them. They might invigorate you or spark ideas that you otherwise would not have. But make sure you like your work.

Grow your business much faster than you could if you did it alone or with a small staff. This is your company, and you should be spending your time adding to the value of the company in a way only you can. Administrative work is a specific skillet, but it is one that you can delegate.

Social media management - posting content that you have created or creating basic graphics

Answering frequently asked email questions

Appointment scheduling

Obtain quotes from a supplier or other contractors

Scheduling blog posts

Organizing virtual files in cloud storage


Updating online store inventory

There are many benefits to hiring virtual assistants. If you hired one, you could:

Examples of tasks you might delegate to a Virtual Assistant:

Hiring remote staff is a tricky process that involves some risk. It is a skill that you can develop with time, but you will probably have a few unpleasant experiences along the way. Procuring that great hire is a mixture of patience, skilled hiring and vetting practices, intuition, and trial and error. So how does one find a qualified virtual assistant?

Most virtual assistants operate as independent contractors and depending on where they live, their hourly rate may be significantly lower than what a regional employee would cost you.

Traditional hiring processes take far too long when you need someone immediately to ease the burden of day-to-day tasks. In an ideal world, you want someone who will be available immediately, get up to speed quickly, handle the workload efficiently, and then disappear until needed again. You may find it a challenge to find someone whom you can trust with private company Intel. The perfect VA is out there, you just need to know where to look. You can try:


Start talking about the need for a virtual assistant on Twitter, and you will be surprised just how fast VA businesses will respond and begin following you. Some of the best VA companies have listening posts set up to find people like you. If you are in a hurry, this might not be the best option because it will take some time to gather leads and follow up with a good vetting process.


It may be possible to find a virtual assistant on Craigslist or other social listing sites. Just make sure you do a good amount of research, such as verifying work history and checking references because, well . . . you’ve heard the stories.

Workshops and Events

It is a good idea to always keep the VA in mind as you travel to industry events, lectures, or workshops. These are great places for industry professionals to gather and if you find a Virtual Assistants at an event like this, you know he or she already has at least one foot inside the door of your industry. With travel at a near standstill currently, this is an option to bookmark for a later time.

But what if you need help now? Outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant is a smart, affordable alternative to hiring someone locally, and you may just get a new hire that is faster and better skilled than someone local.

You can try any of the suggestions listed above, or you can take an easier and more productive route by contacting GetCallers to let them how many dedicated virtual assistants you need. GetCallers will take it from there and quickly secure you a qualified virtual assistant you can rely on.

GetCallers is an extremely flexible company motivated to help your business succeed. GetCallers is a pioneer among cheap virtual assistants for any size business. They understand that every business has unique needs which is why they offer quality add-on products and services that are designed to enhance your overall experience.

As business owners all over the world continue to navigate the unpredictable evolution of the current health crisis, their daily workflow has had to adjust to the changes. Many companies have lost work staff and are now juggling skill sets they were not used to handling prior to COVID-19.

This is when a Virtual Assistance can come in handy. GetCallers provides businesses with superior, scalable outsourcing services for global organizations of any type or size. GetCallers is 100% human-powered. No bots! GetCallers employs only highly trained and vetted agents. Your leads are guaranteed to only talk with a real person.

Why would you pay too much for virtual Assisting when you can pay $5/hour?

One of the biggest reasons why GetCallers is so successful, is due to its incredible pricing and scalability. By offering clients virtual help at the low price of $5 per hour per agent, many businesses find it incredibly affordable to work with them.

GetCallers has confidence in the fact that you should never sacrifice quality of service when searching for affordable business solutions. For this reason, GetCallers provides highly motivated, certified, educated and experienced professionals who are dedicated to performing their duties at a fraction of the conventional costs. Stop wasting your time and money by managing your sales department in-house.

It is well documented that the sales industry has a high turnover rate which can account for lost time and revenue spent on rehiring and training. Let the professionals at GetCallers manage your leads and sales while you focus on satisfying your customers and building your business. Call them today: United States/Canada +1 (650) 262 7799, Australia +61 2 8318 0236, or United Kingdom +44 20 3129 3105 or schedule an appointment to chat at