Top 6 Reasons to Have Beetroot Juice

Top 6 Reasons to Have Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is amongst the top 5 foods containing larger amounts of potassium. It is extremely helpful if you are anaemic or have high blood pressure.

Beetroot, eaten as a raw salad or beaten into a juice drink is extremely nutritious. It is rich in iron, potassium, folic acid, dietary fibres.

Why should you consume beetroot juice?

  • It is rich in folates & other vitamins - Being rich in vitamins, it can improve the body functioning. It improves digestibility, boosts metabolism, gives a healthy skin...
  • Beetroot contains high amounts of nitrates, which increases the blood flow to the brain. This helps in keeping you energetic throughout the day & cures headaches too!
  • Being rich in antioxidants, it keeps the risk of heart stroke to minimum. They remove the free radicals present in the body, removes plaque that have been formed in the arteries & fights against infections effectively. They are rich in polyphenolic compounds & the dark color of the beets is due to the presence of a pigment called betanins which is used as food color.
  • Beetroot contains an adequate amount of iron that can increase the haemoglobin content in the blood, thus eliminating anaemia. The iron content of the beetroot is best utilized when consumed in a liquid form. Boiling & cooking of beetroots result in loss of iron & fibre.
  • It purifies blood & cleanses the liver - A great detoxifying liquid to clear your GI tract & liver.
  • It boosts metabolism, and being fat free & low in sugar helps in weight loss.
Top 6 Reasons to Have Beetroot Juice


Juicing or Boiling?

Owing to the fact that the beetroots have an earthy & musty taste not really liked by many, people prefer boiling them to reduce the peculiar taste. When beets are boiled, a lot of nutritional components like vitamins & fibres are lost due to the exposure of high temperature. It is best to eat them raw as in a salad or even better to juice them. You can add carrots & cucumbers to make it taste better.

Top 6 Reasons to Have Beetroot Juice


Go get your glass of beetroot now!!

TIP: Have an itchy scalp?  Boil some beets in water & use the concentrated liquid to apply on the scalp.

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