5 reasons to choose invoicing software over-invoicing templates

5 reasons to choose invoicing software over-invoicing templates

In this guide, you will get to know why online invoice software is better than invoicing templates.

An invoice template built into Microsoft Word or Excel may seem like a good option. After all, an invoice is a one-page sheet with numbers and descriptions.

That's not right. That paper is just one part of the process of running your business and payment, and using a Word or Excel template creates many problems as it solves. Online invoice software works much better for invoice purposes than conventional invoice templates.

Here are 5 reasons you should switch to invoice software if you have not already done so.

1. It is designed to be paid

Simply put, invoice software is created to get your business paid faster.

Professionally designed invoices give your customers clear, focused information on the most important action: Please pay for this invoice now.

Unlike Excel and Word invoice templates, with invoice software, you can allow your customers to pay by credit card or bank account. In addition, invoices viewed online can have a "pay now" button with a credit card attached, so customers can pay immediately upon viewing your invoice.

For example, when your customer (let's call Emma) is in line at Starbucks with a million other things to do during the day, she can access the invoice you sent her by phone and pay before ordering her coffee. You get luxury and money out of your pocket right away.

The invoice software processes the transaction and makes a receipt for Emma, but you will also see when Emma received (and read) the email, when she paid, and how much she paid. Can your PDF do that?

2. It is automatic

Online invoice software is designed with automated features to help you process invoices easily and efficiently.

There is nothing worse than chasing after your customers for money. With the invoice software, you can send automatic reminders to unpaid customers, reducing your chances of getting your money late.

You can automatically create your invoices for shipping on a continuous schedule (say, first monthly). According to our data, 75% of Moon Invoice users can renew relationships with their customers. These are conditions that require recurring invoices - a feature provided by invoice software with just a few clicks.

The advanced invoice software has a real built-in calculation function. With all your financial knowledge in one place, you can move through the tax season with less worry and pressure.

3. Provides powerful tools

Invoice software stores your products, prices, customers, and taxes, so you can do it with a few clicks each time you create an invoice. It also gives you insight that helps you determine where most of your income comes from, what clients pay consistently for, and which products sell best. Additionally, customer credit card data is stored in a PCI-compliant manner, which means you and your customers do not have to worry about your information being kept secure.

With many online invoice software choices, your data is stored, managed, and processed in the cloud. In other words, your information is stored online, unlike your computer's hard drive. So if your computer goes BOOM, nothing to worry about ... all your data will be securely stored in the cloud, backed up by multiple servers so that your business records are kept secure.

4. It is Mobile

The online invoice software allows you to record your invoices easily at home or on the go. You can process the transactions using your laptop from anywhere - no need to wait until you get home to charge your customers. Even better, if you are a mobile user, you can use invoices in the Moon Invoice mobile app.

5. Offers Customization

Custom invoice maker allows you to customize invoices to really WOW your clients. You do not have to be a designer (or hire one) to get good invoices. With Moon Invoice, you can use our free invoice generator, which marks all the boxes while allowing customization to achieve the beauty that suits your product.

No matter what logo and color you choose for your invoice, make sure you are clear and concise with the information you provide. Your customers are relying on you for accurate information when it comes to billing, so use this as an opportunity to build an honest and transparent conversation. It will help you keep good business relationships going forward.

Wrap up

With Moon Invoice, it's easy to order, look professional, and get paid quickly. Here is an example of what an app might look like to you:

  • Create and send an estimate for a customer (see how you can create an estimate here). Again, you look like an expert in doing this, and you and your client both know what the job looks like and what it entails, so you avoid headaches on the road.
  • Customer authorization.
  • You do your work, then turn your estimate into an invoice.
  • You send your invoice to customer invoices via Moon Invoice with a few clicks. In addition, you can track when an invoice was sent and when your customer viewed it.
  • With Payment by Moon Invoice enabled, your customer can pay you immediately, with a credit card or bank account, rather than waiting until they receive a check, envelope, and stamp and receive it by mail.
  • All your counting records are updated automatically. So say goodbye to dirty paper files where you track the money you have earned. Also, your customer automatically receives a receipt sent to you by email!

Online invoice software does all of the above with just a few clicks. Of course, you will save time and effort, but you will also understand your invoice payment process that you can obtain through invoice templates. But more important, it makes life easier — both for you and your customers.