Home Staging is a big part of the Selling Process

Home Staging is a big part of the Selling Process

Doing it well can put your property ahead of the rest. When there isn’t room in the budget to hire a professional, these staging tricks will help you.

DIY tips to give your home appeal to prospective home buyers.

1. Maximize curb appeal

The first view prospective buyers have is the outside. It should draw people inside. Neatly trimmed bushes, mulched beds, weeded lawns, all help make that crucial "first impression". Freshly painted front doors with new mailboxes and house numbers are easy ways to create maximum impact without breaking the bank. Adding seasonal urns by the front door for some colour are another way to brighten up concrete steps or boring brick.

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Curb Appeal

2. Neutral Palette

Once you've made the decision to sell your home, it's time to mentally detach yourself from it. You should operate under the mindset that the home is no longer yours. Therefore, remove all traces of yourself (e.g. family photos, personal collections) from the space and create a neutral palette. A little paint goes a long way so change out those bright colours for a calm neutral palette that enables the new home owner to visualize their personal tastes in decorating.

3. Declutter

A home for sale should be clean and clutter-free. Remove all visual traffic so that the home has a nice, light feeling to it. If prospective buyers see that everything in your home has its place, they will assume their things will fit as well and hopefully be more inclined to buy it!

4. Let there be light

Lighting plays a vital role and is often overlooked when getting a property ready for sale. Dark hallways, rooms with little natural light, basements and bathrooms should be addressed. A minimum of a 2-bulb overhead fixture with maximum watt bulbs can transform a dingy area. There should be NO overhead receptacles without a light fixture! Consider adding pendant fixtures in dining rooms and eating areas. Big box stores offer affordable options in brushed nickel or silver fittings.

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Let there be LIght

5. Highlight best use of the space

Tenants may have liked to use the dining room as an office, but it should be shown with it's intended purpose. Giving a room more than one function (i.e. guest room and office) is a great way to effectively show the space. In condos this becomes essential when space is at a premium.

6. Sell it with Flowers

Fresh flowers instantly brighten any space. A few tasteful blooms in unexpected places, such as the powder room or on a console table, are always a nice touch. Fresh fruit on display with a full colour range will be a great addition to a neutral palette.

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Sell It with Flowers

7. Find Sitters for Your Pet

Many people have allergies to and/or a fear of animals. Do yourself — and your beloved pets — a favour and temporarily relocate them to a new home with a trusted friend or family member. If your home is priced properly and staged well, chances are it won't be on the market for long, and you'll be reunited with your furry friends in no time!

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If staging your home is overwhelming or time sensitive, consider a professional home staging company

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