Cardio Health Facts

Cardio Health Facts

Find out cardio health facts and questions/answers. See what you already know and what you know now.

What cardio health facts do you know?

Check out the cardio health facts and questions/answers below. See what you already know and what you know now.

Fact: Heart attacks hit more than 1.5 million Americans! That’s 1 person every 20 seconds! Don’t be next.

What are the 4 deadliest heart blockers?

Cholesterol l Inflammation l Hemocystein l Elasticity

Test YOUR Heart Health IQ

Q: At age 60, who has higher incidence of heart attack? Men or Women?A: Women – Statistics show that women have 54% incidence of heart attack while men have 46%.

Q: Who has a greater chance of dying from their first Heart Attack, Men or Women?

A: Women – Again, statistics show that women’s mortality rate on their first Heart Attack is 50% while men’s is only 30%.

Q: How long does it take for permanent brain damage to occur after the heart stops beating?

A: Only 4-6 minutes before irreversible brain damage occurs.

Q: True or false: The world’s best exercise, running, provides a great defense against serious heart disease.

A: False. A study published in New England S. of Medicine says the highest mortality rate is among men who exercise long and hard; men with less vigorous exercise have a lower mortality rate.