How to get Good Quality Backlinks | SEO Tips

How to get Good Quality Backlinks | SEO Tips

How many backlinks your website includes, that much reputation you will be having in Google's eyes. Thus, dominating SERPs.

One of the important ranking factors for search engines is backlinks. To get a better form from the SEO services in Cochin for your website and the organic traffic, one must build backlinks. How many backlinks your website includes, that much reputation you will be having in Google's eyes. Thus, dominating SERPs. Today, link building is not having a better reputation since it results in link spamming. One could build up the backlinks with the help of smart techniques and without spamming other sites. In this blog, we will be discussing the ways through which you could get links using SEO tools and strategies.

Replicate the Backlinks of the Competitors

One could get the list of competitor's backlinks and could replicate their best ones. This is one of the smart ways to find new link-building opportunities and try improving SEO through the SEO company in Ernakulam. Start with the primary competitors that are those websites that rank in the top five for the main keywords. Those websites rank above you because they have a good link profile with high-quality backlinks. After deciding the competitors you have to look upon, and then analyze their backlinks. Always, replicate those backlinks which have great authority. To know the value of the domain, look at Ahrefs Domain Rank or Moz Domain Authority. If the metrics are correct for you, now check out the sites that link to third-party websites. If do-follow links, it is good for SEO. If no follow, it is not good for SEO but drives up some traffic. So, after getting the website with good metrics, understand whether the website is related to your site. Finally, understand how your competitor gets that link.

Analyze the Competitor

When your competitor gets named on social media, forms, or websites you must know it. This could be possible when a competitor's clients ask a question, and you come to know about it and you offer help. Through this there is a chance that you build a strong relationship with them. If the client has a website you could get a backlink from him and may even get a business. Another way is to set an alert tool for your main keywords. When someone writes articles or other blogs related to your keyword, an alert would help you to react accordingly.

Building up Backlinks using Infographics

Infographics are the best method for link building. They also drive the traffic from social media as it is shareable. After creating infographics with the best designer, publish them on the site and submit them well in some popular infographics directories. To spread the post to more, you could ask the people who shared your past infographics posts to have a look at your new posts and ask for feedback. If their response is good, ask them to share it and like it and get a link to it.

Guest Blogging

To get yourself heard on the Internet, guest blogging is considered to be the best way. Interacting with other people and your established audiences would be easy. This helps to drive more traffic and followers from social media, as well as achieve quality backlinks. While doing guest blogging, you must come up with high-quality content. If taking guest blogging seriously, benefits from them is a promise.

Building up a Strong Link Internal Structure

Internal links help in developing a better SEO boost suggested by the SEO companies in Kerala and are a great way to build up the links utilizing the preferred anchor text. But don't come up with more than 100 internal links.

Promoting your Content Everywhere

Good content won't get the backlinks if no one knows the content is existing. Best practices from your side are essential for linking the content and sharing it on social media. Approach more bloggers and get more chances for your content to get shared. Once developing good relationships with bloggers, your content would get the desired reach.

Give on Interviews

Many websites run interviews with experts. Approach an interviewer and discuss with them why they should select you. With better content and descriptions you would surely get the chance to be interviewed. With your answers, you could link your website.

Broken Link Building

This technique involves 404 errors or other problems in the blogger's website and politely telling them about it. Since you are favoring them, they will reward you by linking out to your website. These types of backlinks are found on the resource pages where the bloggers link to third-party sites. To identify the broken links you could use Check My Links. After finding out the issues, reach the webmaster and tell them the problem. Provide them with direct instructions and make it easy to identify and fix the mistake. Then suggest to them your website and replace the broken link.

A Final Thought

Though creating backlinks is time-consuming, the benefits from them are worth enough for your website. Try building up quality backlinks and make use of the SEO service in Kerala.