How to Adapt Your Paid Ads Strategy Post iOS 15?

How to Adapt Your Paid Ads Strategy Post iOS 15?

Apple is taking another shot at advertising a promotional campaign with the release of iOS 15, the company's next-generation mobile operating system.

iOS 15 was released last week, on September 20, and was the iPhone operating system's most recent significant upgrade. What does this signify for advertising and your strategy for digital marketing? iOS 15 provided new tools that enable users to opt-out of typical performance marketing monitoring tactics.

"Hide My Email," "Mail Privacy Protection," and "iCloud Private Relay" are the three primary features that will have the most influence on your digital marketing approach. We'll walk through each of these features and explain how they're meant to safeguard personal information, as well as make quick advice for performance marketers on how to lessen the impact.

Strategies To Follow

It's natural to believe that paid social suffered the most from the latest iOS 15 changes. Regrettably, SEM efforts have also suffered significantly. As with sponsored social, paid search platforms can only collect conversion data from advertisers that permit monitoring. Advertisers such as Google have always depended on the open flow of data to fine-tune targeting inside ad promotional campaigns, but, with the current modifications, this has become more restricted. Google is also planning its Google Privacy Sandbox, which will bring five APIs to replace functionality for targeting, retargeting, and conversion attribution. In the interim, check below for some strategies for circumnavigating the new privacy modifications.

Bid Techniques

In late Q2 of this year, Google and its representatives have started advising advertisers to move to CPA rather than Troas. You should notice a more consistent performance across your AdWords account as a result of this adjustment. Additionally, marketers used to have to manually move from eCPC to Max Conversion and subsequently to CPA/Troas for new accounts. With newer accounts, marketers may now pick CPA automatically, and the algorithm will lead your campaigns through the processes we previously had to perform manually.

Additionally, Performance Max was just made available to all marketers. This new strategy/tactic complements your existing search engine marketing initiatives by assisting in optimizing performance across all of Google's inventory and placements. Additionally, Performance Max will include extra potential customer segments and data to aid with upper-funnel prospecting.


Because the majority of marketers rely on third-party data, the iOS 15 upgrade is so troublesome. As we all know, the industry has transitioned away from third-party data and cookies — Google is even phasing out all cooking tracking in Chrome starting in 2023 (the previous intention was to do so in 2022, but that plan isn't working out so well at present). The longer marketers wait to adjust to cookie-less tracking, the more difficult it will be to make modifications. Collecting as much data and information through websites, social media accounts, apps, and other marketing initiatives will facilitate the transition to a cookie-free marketing environment. Once we have gathered all of this knowledge and data, we can use it to develop lookalikes and client lists for a viral message.


Advertisers will undoubtedly have some difficulties with RLSA marketing. FLoC (Federal Learning of Cohorts) audiences driven by an iOS 15+ device cannot be recognized individually; instead, they are aggregated according to their interests. As a result, targeting RLSA campaigns for iPhone users will be slightly incorrect. At the moment, there is no remedy for iOS15's impact on RLSA campaigns.

Landing Pages

Marketers used to send all traffic and data to a single landing page for both organic and paid traffic. Still, the new iOS15 allows marketers to track data from click to sale, especially if the click to a conversion funnel is lengthy. With the assistance of digital marketing training, you will know how to enhance traffic to your website.

Reducing the Impact of iOS 15 & Beyond on Digital Marketing

This year, Apple's iOS 15.5 and iOS 15 versions provided new user privacy capabilities that upended pg digital marketing. We now live in a privacy-first world, which requires marketers to remain adaptable, diversify their media spend, and invest time in fully understanding their clients. While it's understandable to lament the loss of reliable monitoring, marketers should use this opportunity to establish a solid foundation based on a thorough understanding of their consumers, their unique product cycles, and their high-value touchpoints. It was natural to cede this information to big tech, but this also exposed many companies to the current privacy concerns. Opt for a digital marketing degree course to market your product and increase your online presence.

By investing time in establishing a strategic foundation, marketers can become stronger, more resilient, and more effective at interacting with tech-savvy customers who are increasingly in charge of what, how, and with whom their personal information is shared.