Tempt your Taste @BombaysChutney (Bombay Chutney)

Tempt your Taste @BombaysChutney (Bombay Chutney)

Bombay Chutney is an authentic Indian Cuisine in Burlington since 2007. It consistently serves great food which will want you to come back!

About Bombay Chutney

Founded in 2007, Bombay’s Chutney prides itself on consistently serving quality food that will keep you coming back. All of our dishes are cooked with fresh ingredients and exotic spices to ensure that you the receive most authentic and flavourful Indian cuisine.

Whether dining in or taking out, they work hard to ensure that you have a great experience choosing Bombay’s Chutney as your go-to place for Indian food.

Must Try Dishes

SIGNATURE DISH- DAL MAKHANI: Lentils cooked with ginger, garlic, fresh tomatoes, priced at $9.99

HOT APPETIZER PLATTER: An assortment of veg. samosas, aloo tikki, onion bhaji and pakoras served with curried chickpeas and tamarind chutney; priced at $10.99

PANI POORI: Crispy hollow shells served with potatoes, chickpeas served with tamarind chutney & spicy cumin water, priced at $5.99. You will absolutely love this.

VEGETARIAN THALI for $12.99: An assorted platter of rice, naan, dal, raita, papadum pickle, dessert and the two vegetable dishes of the day.

SHRIMP MASALA: Juicy Shrimp marinated in spices & cooked in tomato gravy. Priced at $17.99

Tempt your Taste @BombaysChutney (Bombay Chutney)



MIXED NUT KULFI $5.99: Homemade kulfi with almonds, pistachios and cashew nuts

KHEER $3.99: Traditional Indian rice pudding

RASMALAI $5.99: Flat cakes of cream cheese coaked in sweet thickened milk and garnished with pistachios.



Masala TEA $2.99

LASSI $4.99: Mango / Sweet / Salty yogurt smoothie

Tempt your Taste @BombaysChutney (Bombay Chutney)



Unit B1A, 3450 Dundas Street Burlington, Ontario

Call on : 905-335-2060

Write them on: contact@bombayschutney.com


Monday-Friday: 11:30 - 9:30

Saturday & Sunday: 12:00 - 9:30