Protect Your Paint

Protect Your Paint

Keep your vehicle looking like it just came out of the showroom with Opticoat Pro Plus

There is nothing better than seeing your brand new vehicle for the first time looking like it just came out of the showroom. The shine of the factory paint, the nice glossy rims and of course, that new car smell. Why not keep your vehicle looking like that?

Opticoat Pro Plus is a ceramic coating that goes on your vehicle in a one time application that will protect the finish of the paint and rims of your vehicle. You can even get the windows and windshield done as well so that in a storm the rain just beads off and keeps your windshield clearer than just using your wipers.

Here is a video from David Buckingham of Detail My Car to explain the product:

I've had David install Opticoat Pro Plus on several of my clients vehicles and the response has been amazing. It's not just on cars like the Mustang either, I have had customers purchase Opticoat Pro Plus on SUV's and Trucks as well.

Ford, Ranger, Opticoat Pro Plus, Guelph, Wayne Pitman Ford

2019 Ford Ranger with Opticoat Pro Plus

Ford, F150, Guelph, Wayne Pitman Ford, Opticoat Pro Plus

2019 F150 with Opticoat Pro Plus

Ford, Escape, Hybrid, Guelph, Wayne Pitman Ford, Opticoat Pro Plus

2020 Escape Hybrid with Opticoat Pro Plus

All of these are vehicles David has applied Opticoat to and the results are fantastic.

Don't let your next vehicle lose it's showroom appearance. If you want to know more about Opticoat Pro Plus give me a call and we can sit down and discuss it.