Meet Julie Witmer your friendly neighbourhood cartographer

Meet Julie Witmer your friendly neighbourhood cartographer

“Hasn't everything already been mapped?”

Well, we know where most things are, but they aren't always mapped in a way that's useful for everyone.

A GPS can show you where you are and a route to your destination, but a map helps you explore. Did you grab a tourist map the last time you stayed at a hotel? Do you have a road map in your car in case your phone dies?

“Why can't I just use Google Maps?”

Often an embedded map from Google or OpenStreetMap may be what you need. But a custom map shows only what you want to show. I work with clients who want a map that shows what's important to them - and doesn’t advertise your competitors. You can add information and you can omit what’s not important for your purposes.


“Where do I get custom maps?”

Most people don't know where to go for custom maps - Julie Witmer Custom Map Design provides a local solution to that. Since 2012 I’ve designed maps for:

- visitor guides to show tourist attractions

- books and magazines (travel, history, academic)

- business locations or service areas

- city tourism

- municipal cycling networks posters

“How do we start?”

If you're interested in a map for your organization or business, the first thing we'll do is have a chat. I want to learn about your business or organization, and how the map can help you or your customers. Then we'll talk about the content and style you want. You can ask me any questions you have, and I’ll provide a ballpark cost estimate and timeline working with your schedule.

If we decide to work together I prepare a design brief that will help us create a map that you're eager to share.

“I love maps but don’t need a custom map.”

Check out my new shop  - I’m always adding new maps, and if you don’t see something you like, let me know and I may design one for you and add it to my shop. That’s what I did for a customer before Christmas - she wanted a lake map for a Christmas present so I came up with a design that I can use for other lake maps and I added it to my store.


I love maps and will design a map that you'll love!