What Are Some Indian Traditional Gold Jewellery Ornaments that You Should Check

What Are Some Indian Traditional Gold Jewellery Ornaments that You Should Check

Popular Traditional Gold Ornaments in India

Indian Traditional Jewellery is pretty interesting and heavy. With the classic traditional designs and the influence of cultures from a long time, such jewellery ornaments are pretty intricate. The Traditional Gold Jewellery Ornaments possess cultural and regional influence in India. Be it a super important function like Marriage or other cultural festivals, wearing such traditional jewellery is essential.

If you are looking for some traditional gold Jewellery for wearing on an auspicious function or Marriage, you should know everything about the available options. In this post, we will share detailed information on some of the most popular and traditional Indian gold jewellery that you should not miss checking out. After learning about these ornaments, you can easily ask your jeweller for the same ornament.

Popular Traditional Gold Ornaments in India

#1 - Nathni

Nathni or Nath is nothing but the Nosepin, which has the utmost cultural significance in India. According to the various cultures, the shape and sizes of Nathni change, but the importance stays the same. For the majority of the Auspicious functions, wearing a Nathni is highly essential. The Rajasthani Style Nathni is often thin but pretty big. With the big gold circular design, Nathni plays an essential role. There are different varieties of Nathni available in the Market. Be it Odia Nathni, Maharashtrian Nathni or South-Indian Style Nathni; everything is equally beautiful and intricate.

#2 - Earrings

Earrings or We prefer to Call them Jhumkas, are pretty essential in Indian culture. From a very young age, the girls start wearing Jhumkas in their ears. The Jhumkas are available in different sizes and shapes. You can get the big jhumka that has the hanging design. Also, some are pretty minimal but have embedded the gemstones like Pearls, Emeralds or Rubies. Some are ultra minimalistic with just the gold flower like design, which is suitable for daily wearing. The earrings possess cultural significance, making them one of the most common traditional Gold Jewellery in India.

#3 - Jadanagas

Jadanagas is the traditional south-Indian jewellery ornament, which is popular in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The literal meaning of the Jadanagas is Hair Serpent. It’s a big piece of gold jewellery, which is to be worn on the hair braids. As Indian women often have big hair, they braid their hair in a specific pattern. The Jadanagas is placed on the hair braids, which are pretty long. Almost every state in India has a similar version to Jadanagas. For example, in Maharashtra, the Hair Pin is called Ambada, which has to be worn on the Hair Bun.

Final Words

If we try to list all the popular Traditional gold jewellery ornaments in India, then the list won’t be complete. Among all the popular options, we chose the ones that are trending and suitable for everyone. In this post, we tried our best to share all the popular traditional gold jewellery in India. You can ask your preferred jeweller about the same and customize it according to your needs.