UP State and Haryana State Online Age Group Chess Championships 2021

UP State and Haryana State Online Age Group Chess Championships 2021

Chess has grown in popularity in India over the last few decades, thanks in large part to

Viswanathan Anand, a chess Grandmaster and former five-time World Champion.

Sparkling Chess Academy is a well-established name in the field of chess sports, training the budding talent and creating national and international level players year after year. Players trained under the leadership of proficient coaches have won numerous recognitions at state, national and world level meets. The academy is operated by internationally rated players. Their primary objective is to help the students reach their full potential and develop holistically. Sparkling Chess Academy’s streak of success can be attributed to its commitment, devotedness and passion for the game of chess. They operate on the mantra of “Practice makes a man perfect” and living by that, they are operational seven days a week.

Sparkling Chess Academy offers a structured curriculum for all levels of players so that they can benefit from extensive knowledge in the shortest time possible. Mr Manish Uniyal, the chief coach at Sparkling Chess Academy, is an All India Chess Federation Certified Coach, National Arbiter, and the coach of Women International Master Vantika Agarwal. Vantika was awarded National Child of the Year by Honourable Ex-President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee for her outstanding achievements in chess. Shri Narender Modi also praised her for her achievements and contributions to the country. She has medals from the Chess Olympiad, the World Youth Chess Championship, the Asian Youth Chess Championship, the Commonwealth Chess Championship, the National Chess Championships, and has a lengthy list of other accomplishments.

Here are some of the state-level events where SPARKLING CHESS ACADEMY students have participated recently and won top honours.

Name of event: UP State Online Age Group Chess Championships 2021

Organized By: UP Chess Sports Association

Playing platform: The Virtual playing venue of the championship was an online chess server https://www.tornelo.com

Video Conferencing System: Tournament played under video supervision. Organizers used Zoom as Video Conferencing System (VCS) during the tournament.

Date: Under 14 Open – 6th & 7th June, 2021 Under 10 Open – 10th & 11th June 2021

UP Chess Sports Association organized UP State Online Chess Championships 2021 in

various categories from 2nd June – 13th June 2021. Sparkling Chess Academy Students

performed exceptionally well. In the Under 10 open category, the top 2 positions is secured by their students. Vidit Sethi Secured 1st Position, and Aadit Agarwal secured 2nd position in the above-mentioned category. Arnav Dhamija of Sparkling Chess Academy won a bronze medal in UP State under 14 open chess championship 2021. All three students participated in Online National Chess Championship 2021 and performed well.

S.No Name of Player Category Medal

Vidit Sethi Under 10 (Open) Gold Medal

Aadit Agarwal Under 10 (Open) Silver Medal

Arnav Dhamija Under 14 (Open) Bronze Medal

Arnav Dhamija UP State Senior Open Blitz Chess Championship Bronze Medal

Viraaj SIngh Goomber Under 08 Silver Medal