How have medical virtual assistants changed healthcare?

How have medical virtual assistants changed healthcare?
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Virtual medical assistants have enabled primary care physicians to provide the highest level of care in remote locations.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working has become the new norm. It has revolutionized the healthcare industry too. Things that we cannot imagine a few years ago now have become a living reality. Medical VA's are one such consequence of that. Nowadays, most administrative tasks can be performed remotely from a home or office location.

A medical virtual assistant (MVA) can help physicians with appointment scheduling, improving administrative processes like a proactive follow-up, sending reminders and scheduling, performing documentation in the EHR, finding information about the healthcare conditions of patients, and much more. The advent of technology has made it possible and new collaboration software is making it easier. In this post, we will look at how medical assistants have changed healthcare.

Real-time administrative support

Most of the on-site assistant tasks can be performed in real-time from a virtual location using advanced software on the computer. A virtual medical assistant can call the patients for appointment scheduling, manage the calendar, update the EHR, perform real-time documentation, and much more from the home. This eliminates the need of having an assistant on the site which in turn results in a series of benefits such as reduced operational costs, higher job satisfaction, enhanced privacy for patients, and so on. However, it also comes with some downfalls. For example, a virtual administrative assistant can take the X-ray report from the lab to the examination room or perform a temperature check in the office.

Reduce operational costs

MVAs have made it possible for small medical practitioners and functional medicine practitioners to have an assistant. Many small practitioners find hiring a medical assistant an additional cost. Also, they have to manage the payroll, HR responsibilities, and taxes. Hiring an MVA gets rid of most of the operational costs. A healthcare provider does not have to make arrangements to accommodate a new staff in the office, there is no need to purchase equipment, and no need to worry about administrative and HR responsibilities. This significantly reduces operational costs.

Improved healthcare at a remote location

Virtual medical assistants have made it possible for primary care physicians to have the highest level of services at remote locations. Usually, in remote locations, it is difficult to find well-trained medical assistants. With the help of MVAs, healthcare providers can provide the pinnacle of highly efficient, quality care to patients.

Economic services

The cost of hiring a median on-site medical assistant can vary from $10-20 per hour whereas an MVA can cost you anywhere from $7 to $15. Thus, an MVA costs less than an on-site medical assistant. This is because even highly trained and experienced medical assistants agree to work at reasonable prices because they are working from home. They do not have to take care of accommodation, food, and other expenses. This facilitates medical practitioners to get high-quality services at reasonable prices.

Improved productivity

It is a commonly known fact that office employees are productive only for a fraction of the day. When you hire an MVA, you pay your assistant on an hourly basis. For example, if you need an MVA for 2 hours to perform administrative tasks, you can hire the assistant for the desired time. This way you do not have to pay your assistant for the entire day to do the work of 2 hours. This increases workplace productivity and makes the most of your investments.

These are the five important ways medical virtual assistants have impacted healthcare. If you are also looking to make the most of the technological revolution and avail yourself of all the benefits of an MVA, you can get in touch with the team of

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