Get to Know More about Galaxy Buds Plus

Get to Know More about Galaxy Buds Plus

Are You Thinking About Buying Galaxy Buds Plus ? Get the complete details here , before buying it.

If you didn’t know, now you know, Samsung recently launched its second generation of wireless earbuds dubbed Galaxy Buds Plus. If you liked previous galaxy buds, then you are going to love the latest one. Samsung saw fit to hold the same Galaxy Buds’ look on the Galaxy Buds Plus. Here are some of the critical features of these latest buds.


First of all, these little buds are tiny and fit right into your ears without hassle and problems. Also, their plastic material makes them lightweight. Save for the sound, you barely notice them after listening to the music for a while. They have silicone ear fins that assure they don’t fall off your ears. The Galaxy Buds Best Buy at $150, and it is available in three different variants and colours – black, light blue, and white.

Enhance Audio Quality

An audio matter the most, the new generation has even audio quality; thanks to the featured dual-driven set-up, you enjoy evenly spread music pleasure on the new buds. They come with an ambient sound mode, which enables you to detect any sounds from your surroundings. Each bud has a woofer and tweeter undesired distortion. If you listen well, you can see the altitude in bass response. Each earbud has three microphone slots. Of these, one stands your ear while the rest are external.

Enhanced Battery Life

These wireless buds will give you a battery life of almost 12 hours. These buds support wireless charging through wireless charging case. Samsung also enhanced the capacity of the battery housed in charging case. You will now get 11 hours more from the pill-shaped pack.

Lack of active noise cancellation

Customers faced lack of active noise cancellation; the failure to include this feature in the galaxy buds plus is a big letdown. However, to sweeten the pill, they seal your ears well quite enough such that any surrounding noise is blocked out.

Using the galaxy buds plus

The buds are automatically pause whatever you are listening after remove it from the ear. Another fascinating inclusion is integration. All you have to do is download the Galaxy Wearable’s application and pair the buds with your phone. You can also set the ear buds to launch Spotify whenever you quickly press them. The buds will switch to Spotify and play your fresh playlist. The galaxy Buds plus are compatible with iPhones, but for iOS, the Spotify combination feature is yet to be available. They are also IPX4 rated, which means you can utilize them when taking your routine run as they can handle sweat.

How to pair Galaxy Buds with devices?

The galaxy is Samsung correct wireless answers to Apple’s widely popular Airpods, and, according to our critics, they’re even better. If you’re a dedicated Samsung Galaxy user, these are the war buds for you.

Connecting process

Connecting your galaxy buds to a galaxy device is just as simple as pair AirPods with your iPhone. The first step while connecting the Galaxy buds with your device is to open their charging case. It might not look like it, but by opening the case, the ear buds automatically go into pairing mode, allowing phones, computers, and tables to find them through Bluetooth settings and pair. Chances are you’ll be using the galaxy buds with multiple devices, so make sure to disconnect them from connected device before trying to connect them to another. The ear buds will have problems pairing otherwise. The easiest method to do this is to turn off Bluetooth on the first device before connecting with the second.

Pair Galaxy buds with a Samsung device

Pairing the galaxy buds with your Samsung Galaxy device is a comparatively short and easy method. All you have to do is have Bluetooth switched on and open the case.. Your device will automatically show them and a pop-up message will allow you to connect the ear buds immediately. Otherwise you can go into the Bluetooth settings and find ear buds in a list, and the paring process will begin automatically. Once the galaxy buds have been paired you won’t require going through the process again. In the future, just make sure that Bluetooth is ON in your phone and then tap both earbuds at the same time to reconnect the buds.

Final words

It is not every day that you see a company make an already good product even better. Samsung has done exactly that with the buds. Currently, the galaxy buds plus is one of the best ear buds in the market. If you don’t mind spending on quality, the galaxy buds are a must go for phone accessory.