Visaris X Ray

Visaris X Ray

Visaris X Ray - Ultimate Medical Services

Visaris is world-renown in the medical industry for their software and hardware and has a strong reputation as a developer of cutting-edge robotic X-ray systems.

They truly are experts in the field and have a full line of systems which lead the way, including the development and soon to be released Vision AIR.

This system will be the absolute ultimate in trauma imaging as it will not only have full motion but also a dynamic DR (digital radiography) panel to allow fluoroscopic images and 3D visualization.

Setting the standards around the United States and indeed the world, Visaris is at the top of the industry, and it’s why we provide their amazing Visaris X ray equipment here at Ultimate Medical Services.

Vision AIR

The Vision Air is soon to be released in the USA and is set to be the king of the hill when it comes to robotic systems. It is absolutely state-of-the-art and is capable of pretty much every form of flat panel radiography examination, providing high quality, reliable results.

Vision C

Overhead tube suite with the ability to be robotic. These room is a work horse for your department. Robotic movements controlled through modality work list. This allows the technologist to focus on patient care rather than having to position the equipment.

Vision V

The Vision V is a modular Visaris X ray system with a standard configuration of floor mounted tube stand, vertical bucky stand and bucky table. It offers a high performing DR system and an unmatched price-performance ratio and is ideal for rooms that do not have or need an overhead system.

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