Highest Quality Medical Imaging Equipment Suppliers

Highest Quality Medical Imaging Equipment Suppliers

Medical Imaging Equipment Suppliers - Ultimate Medical Services

Here at Ultimate, we have over 150 years of combined medical imaging experience providing the best of the best when it comes to high quality medical imaging equipment suppliers accessories. Take a look at some of the equipment we provide to facilities of all sizes below.

UMG/DEL Medical

UMG/Del provide X ray equipment that is predominantly built in the USA. They cover radiography, portables, surgical C-arms, R/F suites, Chiropractic systems, Veterinarian Systems, and DR system combinations to add to and enhance your existing X-ray equipment.

From the Apollo DRF to the OTC18M, FMT_RT100, and many more, we are confident we have something to suit your needs with our vast array of UMG/DEL X ray equipment.


Visaris are leaders in the industry and develop highly technological, advanced robotic X-ray systems for customers of all types. With a full line of x-ray systems, Visaris are true leaders in medical imaging advancements, whether it is the upcoming Vision AIR, which features full motion and dynamic DR panel to allow fluoroscopic images as well as 3D visualization, or the Vision C, Vision V, and more.

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