Why is Opting an Uber Clone a Viable Business Venture?

Why is Opting an Uber Clone a Viable Business Venture?

The revolution of Uber has gained a massive reception among the audience in such a way that the word ‘Uber’ is sometimes used synonymously with the word ‘taxi.’

The revolution of Uber has gained a massive reception among the audience in such a way that the word ‘Uber’ is sometimes used synonymously with the word ‘taxi.’ Entrepreneurs never invest in a field if the sector doesn’t promise a sound ROI. You can imagine the potential of the market if the same set of entrepreneurs stipulated the taxi services as an ‘evergreen’ market. Any budding business owner needn’t hesitate to develop a taxi app as people will inevitably need a cab for their daily commute.

Now, we are all familiar with the two popular ways of developing a taxi app. One is to develop an app right from scratch, while the other way is to avail readymade clone apps. According to the latest market trends, clone apps are preferred more by budding entrepreneurs. If you are one among those hesitant entrepreneurs not convinced about the success of the clone apps, this blog will provide you with quality insights on why opting for an Uber Clone is both profitable and beneficial for your business.

Are you familiar with the app’s workflow?

The primary step in app development is to visualize user navigation through the app. Let’s discuss the seamless workflow here,

  • Initially, after downloading, users register with the app either through their Email IDs or social media accounts.
  • Drivers, on the other hand, register with the app by uploading necessary documents. They await the approval of the admin, and when authenticated, they are ready to offer services.
  • They enable their location preferences and enter their pickup and drop destinations.
  • They can search from several cabs available in the vicinity and can choose the best-suited taxi based on different parameters like ratings, fare, etc., displayed during booking.
  • Drivers can accept or reject user requests based on their convenience. Users get to track the drivers in real-time, knowing the exact time of arrival of the taxi once the booking is confirmed.
  • After commencing their journey, users can pay for their ride through a multitude of payment options, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc. Drivers get their pay after the admin deducts a part of the payment as the commission fee.
  • Both drivers and users share their experience in the form of ratings and reviews.
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Ever wondered what scales an app among its target audience?

It is inevitably the features that propel your app and attract the audience towards it. Let’s discuss some of the vital and stand-apart features of a taxi app here,

Basic features of a Taxi app:

  • User registration
  • Book a cab
  • Fare estimation
  • Multiple payment options
  • Push notifications
  • In-app chat
  • Real-time tracking
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Ride history
  • Drivers’ availability toggle
  • Accept/reject requests
  • Earnings dashboard
  • Driver verification
  • Fleet management
  • Dispatch management
  • God’s eye view
  • Surge pricing etc.

Advanced features of a ride-hailing platform:

While the basic features are almost standard for every app, it is the advanced or stand-apart features that make an app unique. Let’s discuss some of these features in detail,

  • In-app wallet: Routine users will find it annoying to enter their account details every time during transactions. To solve this issue, you can provide an in-app wallet, wherein users can add or remove money at ease. This feature makes the entire process swift and seamless.
  • Multi-lingual support: To establish a global presence, users reaching out to your app must avail of services in their preferred language. This feature can attract regional users more efficiently, leading to increased customer engagements towards the platform.
  • Favorite music and drivers: Users, paying for their ride, must have the option of listening to the music of their choice. Besides, users can also favorite specific drivers who offer exemplary services. By doing so, users can request the same driver if he/she is available in the locality and ready to offer their service.
  • Geo-fencing: This safety feature lets admin set geographical boundaries of operation. Any fleet crossing this virtual boundary will notify the admin instantly. Monitoring activities become quite comfortable with this feature.

Why should you opt for clone app solutions?

Let’s venture into the main picture. Having looked at the features and workflow, you may consider app development to be simple. It is far more complicated and tedious than one can imagine. The clone app solutions come with enticing benefits for business owners. They include,

  • Conserves your time: You needn’t rack your brains and supervise developers closely if you opt for these solutions. Besides, these apps can be launched instantly into the market. If you develop an app right from its foundation, it will take a minimum of 3-5 months to build a Minimum Viable Product. This is one of the prime reasons for business owners to buy Uber clone apps.
  • Eliminates your effort for research and development: You needn’t conduct extensive research to identify the needs of the market or market trends. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, you wouldn’t be familiar with the technical aspects of app development. A well-equipped professional team developing and producing the app for you can be more practical and effective.
  • Launch your top-notch app with a concise budget: As we all know, app development from scratch incurs a hefty budget. A majority of business owners enter into the field with a restricted budget. Besides development, you’ll need to look upon multiple factors like app support, deployment, maintenance, etc. If you are looking to deliver a best-in-class app within your predetermined budget, clone app solutions must be your one-stop-shop.
  • The solutions come with multiple facets: Nowadays, most of the app companies roll out clone app solutions in the form of standard or premium packages. By opting for the package of your choice, the company will assist you throughout the different phases of the app, lessening your efforts to a considerable extent.

Summing up,

With clone apps offering so many benefits, entrepreneurs needn’t have second thoughts about buying an Uber clone app. However, it is advisable to avail services from well-reputed and established firms, as they are well-versed with the ins and outs of the market. Get in touch with a company and reach out to the masses today!