What is Real Estate CRM and how can it be beneficial for a business?

What is Real Estate CRM and how can it be beneficial for a business?

CRM software for the Real-estate industry helps for collecting important Data and can monitor the entire activity for their business task.

Finding leads for realtors is hard, on top of that, managing them and keeping their information in a centralized place is even troublesome. That’s where CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software comes into the picture. A real estate CRM not only helps in managing the customer data but also streamlines the sales and deals pipelines. If you are using spreadsheets until now for keeping the record then let us tell you, a CRM is way more powerful and functional than that. In this article, we are going to note down the benefits of CRM for real estate and also let you know some of the best software available in the market.

Benefits of Real Estate CRM

Here are some key benefits of using a CRM system. It might be something different based on how you actually use this application.

  1. Immediately Responds to Leads: Response time is a huge contributing factor in the deal closing rate and a CRM can help in improving both. Typically, a CRM consists of many automated channels that allow you to connect with customers. For example, automated emails, integrated chatbots, automated voicemails, etc. The goal is to keep customers engaged throughout their journey.
  2. Maintain Drip Campaigns: In CRM you can easily manage your SMS and emails drip campaigns directly from a unified dashboard. In addition to this, you can also integrate other marketing automation platforms such as Mailchimp and utilize the functionality of both applications as one. The best thing about drip campaigns is most of the process is automated, you will only need to set a predefined time or trigger and emails will be sent automatically.
  3. Centralize your contacts, prospects, and customers: Centralized databases guarantee improved productivity and efficiency. When all your contacts, prospects, and customers’ information is saved in one place then all your teams will know where to find it. You don’t have to spend too much time on these menial yet important tasks.
  4. Enhance follow-ups: Most of the real estate CRM sends the notification regarding when to send a follow-up to customers. Do you know? If you follow up the lead within 5 minutes then you are 9 times more likely to convert them into a customer.
  5. Track the journey: Real estate CRM software helps you track the entire customer journey from beginning to end.

List of top Real Estate CRM

After analyzing the real estate industry closely and understanding their needs we have curated a list of CRM most suitable for a business.

Freshworks CRM

It is an AI-powered CRM platform that adjoins the marketing and sales department within an organization. Freshworks CRM offers three main packages i.e. Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Customer-for-life cloud.

What is Real Estate CRM and how can it be beneficial for a business?

Freshsale CRM

In the Customer-for-life Cloud CRM, you will get all the high-end features like email marketing, live chat, telephony applications, contact life cycle management, sales funnel, and much more. It also has a mobile application so users can access customer information remotely.


Keap is tailored for small businesses who want to efficiently manage their contacts and have a sales pipeline full of insights and key points. The benefits of this CRM are not just limited to budding small businesses but freelancers, self-employed, and eCommerce stores can also utilize this.

What is Real Estate CRM and how can it be beneficial for a business?


You can easily and automatically do tasks like importing data from spreadsheets, scanning business cards, and feeding contact information from other CRM. Usually, these tasks consume lots of time and effort. It has three plans- (i) Lite @ $56 per user per month, (ii) Pro @ $105 per user per month, and (iii) Max @ $140 per user per month.

You should definitely consider checking out both of these are RealEstate CRM software. The good thing is that Freshworks CRM and Keap offer free trials to their first-time users, so you can try out the functionalities and features.